Planet X is here but it is not a planet

875. Planet X is here but it is not a planet

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher

The name Planet X came out of the search for an elusive planet that was supposed to come in at a certain time and cause a cataclysm on earth and then go out again. The idea was promoted by Zacharia Sitchin who developed the idea after studying ancient Sumerian tablets and by Dr. Robert S. Harrington who was looking for a new planet that may have explained certain perturbations in the orbits of the outer planets and named it Planet X. It was after a meeting with Zecharia Sitchin, that Dr. Harrington decided to go to New Zealand, in search of Planet X, suggesting that he thought that it would be the same object that Dr. Sitchin had written about, i.e. Nibiru. But, Dr. Harrington died under extremely suspicious circumstances, which suggests that he found what he was looking for and was silenced.

Figure 1. Meeting between Dr. Robert Harrington, Chief Astronomer at the US Naval Observatory, and Zecharia Sitchin, on 30 August 1990.

But the truth is that Planet X is not a planet and it is not even a star. Planet X is indeed responsible for the Flood cataclysm, and once the initial effects of it reaching the Solar System decreased, it was possible for life to continue on earth, but the earth was never the same, as before the Flood, and the human lifespan dropped by a factor of 10, as a result of it (see Article 784: The earth before the Flood cataclysm: before Planet X and Article 859: Lifespan dropped after the Flood due to Planet X) [1, 2].

Planet X is the core systems of dead stars and planets, they are not planets. If Planet X was a planet they would never be able to approach the Sun or the earth, to the distance that they are able to approach them to. The planets and stars died or broke up, because they became energy depleted, after being disconnected from the universe’s energy supply, causing all the outer layers to break in pieces and the core systems, inside, to be released. They remained energy depleted and come to the Sun to absorb energy. Once inside the Solar System, they never leave. Because more and more dead cores, which I have named Stellar Cores, keep coming in, their effects on the Sun have increased. Their effects on the Earth have also increased because they come to the Earth, from the Sun. They are responsible for CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) and come in inside CMEs when these are earth directed. The cores create all weather effects on the earth, through their energy connections to the earth, and the central cores are responsible for all volcanic eruptions and for natural earthquakes, which are the result of plasma ejections, by the earth’s core system.

Figure 3. Satellite SCs must make physical connections, through their cloud envelopes, to absorb energy from the Sun’s core. The earth is a part of the Sun’s core system, as it formed after the Sun ejected a small part of its core system. On the left, we see a satellite core belonging to what must be have been Planet X star, very close to the Sun’s surface, and on the right, we see the tornado spout connection or gravitational vortex caused by the presence of what must have been a satellite core inside a Planet X planet, now inside the earth’s atmosphere (see Article 852: Planet X: How does it get to the earth?) [3]

Figure 4. Planet X System Stellar Cores (SCs) or the inside parts of planets inside the earth’s atmosphere. Their shape can often be discerned from the shape of a cloud envelope. No cloud would be so close to perfectly spherical or in such a perfect disk shape if there was not a solid object inside it. Some of the cores are spherical and some are oblate spheroids (flattened sphere or disk) (see Article 785: Planet X is here but what is it exactly?) [4]

Figure 5. These central SCs were first identified because the surface is often convex and thus not a break in the clouds, but a solid, surface which is emitting blue light. The clouds, in this case, are also emitting light because the central SC has absorbed enough radiation to be able to transfer enough to its cloud envelope, for it to start emitting light. Notice that the cloud envelope is in the same patchy form as the one in figure 1 (see Article 824: Huge Planet X objects at high altitude) [5].

Figure 6. The earth has a core system inside it just like all celestial objects which creates matter and is a source of gravity or magnetism (they are the same thing). The earth’s gravitational field responds to the presence of a Planet X central SC and moves outward in its direction greatly increasing the energy in the region below the object resulting in matter creation and ejection of the created matter, which can result in a volcanic eruption or earthquake depending on whether the satellite cores are close to the surface and whether there is a way for the created gases and magma to get to the surface.

This plasma ejection is actually an energetic connection between the earth central core and the Planet X central SC and it does not seem to occur until the object has absorbed a certain amount of energy by simply penetrating into the earth’s atmosphere (see Article 874: Planet X observed in the sky from Toronto Canada) [6]. Thus, the Planet X central SCs will most likely hover close to the earth for weeks or months, until they start to glow, and eventually, provoke the earth’s core system into having a plasma ejection. This has been happening for thousands of years but because the numbers and sizes of the systems, coming in, are increasing, which seems to be due to the larger stars having been further from the Solar System, before they got destroyed and thus having taken longer to get to the Sun, their effects on the earth are increasing at an accelerated rate, which can only culminate in the total destruction of the earth’s surface and ecosystems, so that Planet X is the cause of the cataclysmic event, which is currently underway on earth, which connects it to what Zacharia Sitchin meant by Planet X, or Nibiru, but this is not an event that occurs, after which time, we recover. There is no recovery: it will simply continue to affect the earth more and more profoundly, destroying it more and more, so that Planet X can be referred to as the Destroyer System. The only one who can stop Planet X from destroying all life, on this planet, is God, the Creator of the Universe.

In conclusion, Planet X is here, it has been here since the Flood, which occurred several thousand years ago, but Planet X is not a planet. Planet X is what is left of what was once living planets and stars. Planet X is the energy depleted core systems of these planets and stars. Planet X is the Destroyer System and is causing an ever-increasing cataclysm on the earth.


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