Radiation at extinction levels: life on earth has only a few years left

857. Radiation at extinction levels: life on earth has only a few years left

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X researcher

As I have shown in Article 845: The Sun now emits x-rays and EUV versus visible light due to Planet X [1], Planet X changed the Sun from a star that emitted mainly visible light through a benign process whereby the flow of energy through its atmosphere resulted in the atmosphere emitting extremely high amounts of visible light, which do not cause any harm to living organisms, to a star that emitted just about no visible light and huge amounts of high energy radiation, which is very damaging to living organisms. And even the small amount of visible light, which the Sun now emits, it emits through a completely different process. The Sun now emits light as a result of matter creation or plasma ejections, which are supposed to be contained to the inside body of the star and are not supposed to reach the surface except during certain rare events such as when a star creates a new planet. So the Sun is now emitting gamma rays, x-rays and ultraviolet, as a result of Planet X inducing it, into high gear matter creation.

Figure 1. Left: The Sun is seen here violently erupting at several locations on its surface. There is a bright flash on the left side indicating that a fresh matter creation event or eruption is starting. This is what is known as a solar flare. Gases can be seen surrounding the Sun to the sides which appear to be gaseous but must be associated to the eruptions, i.e. it is gaseous plasma. Right: The Sun was erupting even more 10 days before, as we can see even more plasma erupting from volcanoes on the Sun’s surface (see Article 828: The Sun has a solid surface and huge volcanoes) [2].

The eruptions can be seen in the Yohkoh x-ray images because they are emitting x-rays, a high intensity of x-rays. In addition, this same plasma can be seen in SDO images detected in x-rays and extreme ultraviolet light because the plasma is emitting x-rays and extreme ultraviolet light.

Figure 2. The whole surface of the Sun is covered is erupting plasma in this image which is emitting light in 211 angstroms (extreme ultraviolet range). The dark patches are where either there are no eruptions taking place or the plasma that is there is not emitting light in this wavelength.

Now, if the Sun’s plasma eruptions emit x-rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet light so does the plasma that erupts from earth’s own volcanoes.

Figure 3. Flash of light as a volcanic eruption from the Popo volcano, in Mexico, begins (left) and the lava still glowing brightly as it starts to settle onto the sides of the volcano (center).  But as the volcanic eruption progresses the brightness decreases. This is exactly the same effect observed on the Sun during a Solar Flare event. The SC which has provoked the eruption hovers above the volcano and does some of its own eruptions, i.e. it also creates magma, but in a much smaller quantity than the earth’s core. This shows that this is a mutual gravitational (magnetic) connection between two sources of gravity (magnetism).

The flash seen above was observed in visible light but since the Sun emits x-rays during its eruptions it is likely that earth plasma also emits x-rays when it erupts from a volcano. The body of a planet is supposed to shield the surface of that planet from the radiation emitted by its core system, which obviously emits high energy radiation during matter creation. Lightning is matter creation by the Planet X Stellar Cores (SCs) the cores of the destroyed Planet X stars and planets, which are coming into the Solar System to absorb energy, and that have caused the Sun to change from a benign to a deadly star. So it is to be expected that lightning emits not just visible light but x-rays, ultraviolet, and even gamma rays, in the same way, that magma does, when it is created by a core and emerges through a volcano. In addition, the SCs emit x-rays and thus most likely ultraviolet, as well, from their surfaces.

Figure 4. Yohkoh Satellite x-ray  images from December 14th 2001 showing a Planet X SC eclipsing the Sun which is clearly emitting x-rays from its surface as a large amount of x-ray emission can be seen coming even from its night side.  The object has a solid surface as a raised layer with a clear edge can be seen along the equator.

Figure 5. Less x-rays are detected coming from the moon’s nighttime surface in an 1899 s (31 min 39 s) exposure than from the Planet X object in the Yohkoh image which has 1 s or less of exposure time. So the object in the Yohkoh image is not the moon.

So the earth is getting bombarded with radiation from the Sun, which is not natural for a star to emit, in addition to the radiation emitted by lightning and volcanic eruptions, and in addition to that SCs which are coming inside the earth’s atmosphere are emitting this deadly radiation from their surfaces. The earth’s atmosphere is supposed to absorb this radiation but there must be a limit to what it can absorb, the rest will come through.

Figure 6. One of the huge Planet X SCs dipping into the earth’s atmosphere; the curved surface is clearly apparent. A small cloud spout connects to its energy and ejection point. It is emitting blue light from its surface but what other light does it emit that we cannot detect with our eyes? X-rays and EUV most likely (see Article 824: Huge Planet X objects at high altitude) [3].

So these objects emit x-rays and thus will emit EUV (extreme ultraviolet) from their surfaces and they are coming into the earth’s atmosphere and therefore this radiation will be reaching the earth’s surface. The larger the objects and the largest are central SCs, which are so large that only a part of their surfaces penetrates the atmosphere, the more radiation they are likely to be able to emit. The increasing number of these objects coming to earth is, therefore, the real cause behind the cancer epidemic.
I have previously thought that the Sun simulators are emitting a lot of very dangerous radiation and they may still be emitting some, but the largest amount and the most dangerous radiation has to be coming from natural sources, i.e. the Sun, and the Planet X SCs inside the earth’s atmosphere.

 Figure 7. Left: Hendon et al. [4] showing that higher energy UVB and UVC is now reaching the surface. The DIFFEY measurement is from 2002 showing that UV C started reaching the surface since then. Right: Green curve is NASA’s measurement at the top of atmosphere showing that the Sun cannot be the source responsible for the recent unprecedented increase in UV C, even with a completely ineffective ozone layer (see Article 204: Harmful UVC radiation reaching earth’s surface indicates source within atmosphere) [4]. The sharply increasing trend especially since this is a logarithmic scale shows that EUV radiation must be reaching the surface at an unbelievable rate: 22 times more 200 nm radiation, reaches the surface, than used to arrive at the top of the atmosphere, from the Sun. The sharply increasing trend on this logarithmic scale shows that EUV reaching the surface is at a cataclysmic level. This is an ELE (extinction level event) level. If this much EUV is reaching the surface then x-rays will most likely be reaching it, at comparable levels. This is absolutely cataclysmic. This will cause cancer and mutations at an unprecedented level, then it will cause radiation sickness and death.

The above data shows that the amount of UV radiation, reaching the surface, increased sharply between 2002 and 2017. Since the Sun appears to have gone completely dark, as far as normal visible light emission is concerned, by 1998, this cannot be due to increased radiation from the Sun, but has to be due to more sources of this radiation entering the earth’s atmosphere, i.e. the Planet X SCs and suggests that there must have been a huge increase in the number of the larger SCs entering the earth’s atmosphere since 2002.

In conclusion, the earth is facing yet another extinction level event, an absolute cataclysm, the increasing amount of high energy radiation, namely extreme ultraviolet, x-rays and even gamma rays is increasing at such a rate that life extinction is only a matter of time now, probably a few years at most.


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