The Sun now emits x-rays and EUV versus visible light due to Planet X

845. The Sun now emits x-rays and EUV versus visible light due to Planet X

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher

Figure 1 shows an image of the Sun detected by the Yohkoh satellite. These images of the Sun were detected in soft x-rays. We can see a solar flare, which is in progress on the left side of the Sun, as well as other huge plasma eruptions, at several locations on the Sun, and mainly along its equatorial region.

Figure 1.  The Sun is seen here violently erupting at several locations on its surface. There is a bright flash on the left side indicating that a fresh matter creation event or eruption is starting. This is what is known as a solar flare. Gases can be seen surrounding the Sun to the sides which appear to be gaseous but must be associated to the eruptions, i.e. it is gaseous plasma.

Since planets are just smaller versions of stars, it is to be expected that if one creates a solid surface between the body of the planet, which contains the core system and the atmosphere that the other would as well. So we should expect the Sun to have a solid surface like the earth and the Sun’s well defined smooth edge in the above Yohkoh image suggests exactly that. The Sun also has huge volcanoes on its surface from which it is violently erupting in response to Planet X Stellar Cores approaching it (see Article 828: The Sun has a solid surface and huge volcanoes) [1]. 

Figure 2. CMEs are the same as volcanic eruptions; the Sun creates and ejects magma outside its body as a result of being approached by Planet X Stellar Cores (SCs). SCs are dead cores, disconnected from other cores in the system and their power supply. They are a part of the core systems of the dead stars and the largest ones are central cores (see Article 785: Planet X is here but what is it exactly?) [2]. Left: Stellar Core (SC) in a LASCO C2 image with timestamp: July 23rd, 2017: A solar eruption (CME) occurs in the direction of the object. Right: CME plasma erupts from the Sun and follows a zigzag path directly to a Planet X SC: compelling evidence that CMEs occur due to the presence of these objects near the Sun. It is impossible for the CME to follow such an unnatural path if it had not been the object, near the Sun, that had induced it. The objects do exactly the same thing when they approach the earth.

Figure 3. Flash of light as a volcanic eruption from the Popo volcano, in Mexico, begins (left) and the lava still glowing brightly as it starts to settle onto the sides of the volcano (center).  But as the volcanic eruption progresses the brightness decreases. This is exactly the same effect observed on the Sun during a Solar Flare event. The SC which has provoked the eruption hovers above the volcano and does some of its own eruptions, i.e. it also creates magma, but in a much smaller quantity, than the earth’s core. This shows that this is a mutual gravitational connection between two sources of gravity.

All celestial objects will emit visible light due to photon plasma, also called matter energy, flowing across it, from the creating core, which is why the earth’s atmosphere emits blue visible light, if enough energy, flowing from the core, flows across it, which I have called matter energy, and the Sun emitted intensely bright visible light, for the same reason (see Article 843: The earth emits blue light from its atmosphere and Article 844: Two forms of energy: universal energy and matter energy) [3, 4].

But the Yohkoh images are in x-rays and the x-ray emission can be seen to be intense from the eruption zones indicating that these eruptions are why the Sun emits x-rays. Since gamma rays are also emitted during these events, gamma radiation must also be a part of the radiation that the Sun now emits.  This means that the Sun emits destructive high energy radiation, as a result of these eruptions. It is thus also likely that the Sun emits extreme and other ultraviolet light due to these eruptions. This then means that the Sun emits gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet radiation because of Planet X inducing eruptions all across its surface. There will be some visible light emitted through these eruptions but the intensely bright visible light emission is gone because Planet X is drawing so much energy from its core that there is not enough energy flowing through the densest part of its atmosphere to allow normal visible light emission (see Article 827: The Sun is gone due to the Destroyer) [5].

Hence, the Sun has changed from a star that emitted beneficial mostly visible light and perhaps low energy UV A to a star that emits mostly deadly gamma rays, x-rays, and high energy ultraviolet and as more and more Planet X SC systems arrive it emits more and more of this radiation. Thus, the Sun is still emitting light; it is emitting mainly x-rays, ultraviolet light and gamma rays, and very little visible light. The visible light that it emits now is obviously not enough to light up the earth which is why the Sun has disappeared from the sky on earth and has been replaced by Sun simulators (see Article 771: The artificial Sun orbiting the Earth and Article 723: The Sun is gone: the sky is a simulation) [6, 7]. This, therefore, means that solar images are not older than their timestamps suggest, as I have previously thought. The images are showing current solar activity.

In conclusion, the Sun has changed from a mainly visible light emitting star to a mainly deadly high energy radiation-emitting star, due to Planet X. This means that the Sun is still emitting light and thus images of the Sun in the wavelengths that it emits are showing current solar activity and are not older than the timestamps would have us believe.


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