938. Two UFOs in front of the moon: aliens are here

938. Two UFOs in front of the moon: aliens are here

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher

Figure 1 below shows a screenshot from a video by thirdphaseofmoon in which we can see two unidentified flying objects, flying in front of the moon. The objects seem to be exactly alike and to be moving together. They are extremely small, which would suggest that they are very far, in other words far out into space and possibly close to the moon surface, as they seem to be moving at a speed that would suggest that they are moving with respect to the moon.

Figure 1. Two identical UFOs move together in front of the moon. They are very small and thus appear to be outside the earth’s atmosphere. A spacecraft or airplane inside the earth’s atmosphere would appear to be much larger in this zoomed in image of the moon (Source: YouTube Video by thirdphaseofmoon, from 16 June 2019, entitled: GOTCHA VIDEO! What JUST Happened At 40k Feet Above AREA 51? 2019-2020) [1].

Some anomalies are however apparent in the above moon image. It seems to be in focus, on the left, but out of focus, on the right. Now, this cannot be due to the telescope or any zoom lens, as the distance at which the moon is to earth, is so large that the part of the moon facing the earth and the part of the moon further to the side is at an infinitesimally small distance apart, certainly not enough to cause a change to the required focal point of the lens and thus either the whole image should be in focus or the whole image should be out of focus, we cannot have both in one image. This, therefore, suggests that this is not the real moon, but an image of the moon, projected in the sky, and purposely made unfocussed on the right edge in order to make it appear to be more 3 dimensional.

Figure 2. The moon has a thin dark line running along its edge, which is an immediate give away that it is not the real moon. This is a holographic image of the moon projected in the sky. Again the image is in focus, on the left, and out of focus, on the right, which is not what the real moon is supposed to look like through a telescope.

It is to be expected that this moon is a simulation and not the real moon because there is plenty of evidence that the real moon is no longer visible in earth’s skies and has been replaced by a holographic projection or simulation.

Figure 3. A moon caught in a thermal imaging camera, i.e. in infrared, but was not visible in visible light suggesting that the sun is still emitting infrared but not visible light (see Article 919: The Earth has more than one Moon: confirmed) [2].

Figure 4. Screenshots from a video by the YouTube channel cliff481 entitled ‘Planes Flying Through The Moon 2’.  The video shows a plane flying in front of the holographic projector, producing the moon hologram in the sky, which then appears to develop glitches. The projector appears to be to the left of the moon, as it is when the airplane is on the left of the moon that it seems to interrupt the projection beam (see Article 647: Holographic moon: the Sun is not emitting light) [3]. Notice that the moon appears to be more in focus close to the edge of the crescent than anywhere else, just like the moon in figures 1 and 2.

Figure 5. Close-up of the photograph of the moon, taken by Scott C’one, confirms that it has a well defined blue edge.  The edge is more in focus than the rest of the moon and cannot, therefore, be due to any refractive effect (see Article 220: Simulated Moon in the sky) [4]. This moon was also purposely out of focus, most likely to make it appear to be much further away than it actually is from the ground.

Figure 4. Image of the moon from a high definition NASA video of a solar eclipse:  This moon has a stepped and symmetric edge, in places, and seems to even have teeth, as would be expected of a gear, on the bottom right edge [4].

So, since the moon is now a holographic projection and the moon in front of which the two UFOs were seen was clearly a simulation, what can we say about the UFOs? The simulated moon is inside the atmosphere and thus not out in space, so real spacecraft were in front of the moon simulation, they would look much larger than the two UFOs, which means that the two UFOs were a part of the simulation. This does not mean that UFOs do not exist and that aliens do not exist. There is clear evidence that they do and have left their mark on this planet for thousands of years.

Figure 5. The pyramids of Egypt have been built in such a precise manner that they could not have been built through any of the modern methods available to us now.  This means that they have been built with alien technology, by either aliens, or by humans, with access to that technology.  Either way, that is evidence that aliens exist.

In addition, there have been too many accounts and witnesses of alien technology, alien abduction, etc., for it not to be anything but the truth that they exist.

But the fact that these UFOs were a part of the moon simulation points to the ‘powers that be’ wanting to promote the idea that UFOs exist. Why? The fact that our educational system has been tampered with shows that aliens have taken control of it. As I have shown in Article 936:  Birch Bay extreme low tide not due to a spring tide [5], the explanation that spring tides are due to the earth being aligned with the Sun is a lie, as the sun cannot provide enough tidal effect to cause a spring tide. This then means  that what we have been taught about gravity for many generations is a lie, it is based on scientific-sounding explanation with absolutely no foundation of truth in it. We have been taught lies in school for many generations. In addition, the lie about gravity has led to tremendous scientific advancement, which means that all of humanity’s most prized theories about the universe and about black holes, and dark matter, and so on, which have grown out of this wrong perception of gravity, are all wrong. Who would do such a thing? Aliens, who do not like us. Only an alien society that has taken control of the planet would be able to keep up the cover-up and lies for thousands of years regarding Planet X and have kept the truth about how gravity and the universe works from us so that we do not understand what is going on, inside our planet or in the Solar System (see Article 785: Planet X is here but what is it exactly?) [6]

They have taken control of our society and our educational system and are in control of the human ‘powers that be’, for they have given them the technology to simulate the moon and control the weather. They have lied and deceived us, and in the process, have shown that they are our enemies.  Now they are showing us or getting their controlled human powers that be to show us fake UFOs and most likely will also promote the idea that these aliens are coming from space when they are right here on this planet. The fact that they have obviously built the pyramids thousands of years ago should tell us for how long they have been pulling the strings and deceiving us on this planet.

In conclusion, UFOs in the sky in front of the moon cannot be real as the moon is a holographic projection but it points to a very deep evil deception by the aliens themselves because they are deceiving us into thinking that they are coming from space, when they are here  and have been here for thousands of years. They have taken control of our educational system and made sure that it is full of lies. Aliens are our enemies.


[1]          Video by thirdphaseofmoon, from 16 June 2019, entitled: GOTCHA VIDEO! What JUST Happened At 40k Feet Above AREA 51? 2019-2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0x9FpboIxM&t=305s
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