948. Cataclysmic Pole Shift due to Planet X

948. Cataclysmic Pole Shift due to Planet X

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher

A pole shift is a cataclysmic event, which causes a dramatic change to the earth’s core. It is caused by a Planet X Stellar Core (SC), which will have to be larger than the earth’s core and most likely larger than the earth, connecting gravitationally with the earth’s central core. Such a connection will sharply decrease or stop the rotation of the earth’s central core and thus the planet’s rotation. But the earth’s atmosphere and liquid oceans will keep on moving. The continued movement of the atmosphere with respect to the now stationary surface will create a strong straight-line wind. The ocean movement will create extremely high rogue waves, which will wash over the coastlines worldwide. The greatest effect will be further from the earth’s geographic poles, i.e. closer to the equator, as the change in rotational speed from normal to zero will be highest at the equatorial regions and lowest at the poles.

Figure 1. A large Planet X central core larger than the earth’s core, and possibly even larger than the earth, is likely to generate a gravitational field, which reaches all the way to the earth’s central core, thus connecting with it and causing it to react with strong plasma ejections. The connection is likely to slow, or even stop the earth’s rotation, causing earth’s oceans to slosh around so that huge waves wash over the landmasses (see Article 946: Extremely shallow earthquake in Alaska: new volcano forming) [1].

But, even if the rotation is not stopped or even slowed, the huge disturbance to the earth’s central core will still, cause a huge number of ejections, and thus earthquakes to occur, at the same time, so that the whole earth will shake violently. The matter creation will cause the earth’s surface field to change, which will then cause its surface to reform in a different shape, i.e. a mountain can appear where there was once a plain, or land can turn into an ocean, within a few minutes.

Figure 2. When a satellite core splits into different pieces, the resulting gravitational field from the group changes dramatically and leads to the surface above them adopting a different configuration. What was a mountain can become a depression and thus a lake and a mountain may appear where there was none before, and a new volcano may form. The splitting of a core can occur as a result of a Planet X SC approaching it and is accompanied by a large amount of matter creation, i.e. magma and volcanic gases, which manifests as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions (see Article 765: Planet X cataclysm imminent: earth’s core to reset) [2]. When the matter creation starts with the central core, then the event will be much more dramatic, and will thus most likely cause much of the surface of the earth to be unrecognizable after the event.

The event is much like a pole shift has been described, but it is due to a resetting of the core, which leads to a different surface configuration. The crust cannot be displaced with respect to the core because it is an extension of the core and the field it generates. The shaking is likely to destroy most of the cities around the world and to create huge tsunamis; volcanoes will erupt with great force, in the connection region. Extreme liquefaction on the other side of the planet will cause slopes to collapse and the ground to flow downhill, thus also destroying cities and making mountains and islands disappear.

Figure 3. Illustration of how the earth’s energy field will fluctuate as the earth is approached by very large Planet X System Stellar Cores (SCs). This is likely to lead to volcanic eruptions or the formation of new volcanoes, on the approach side, and to liquefaction and thus landslides, on the opposite side of the earth, particularly at higher elevations since they are further from the center of the earth (see Article 815: Huge landslide in Bolivia: liquefaction due to Planet X) [3]

Figure 4. A pole shift, actually a core reset, due to Planet X can cause huge fissures to form, within a few minutes.

In conclusion, what is described as a pole shift is actually a core reset due to Planet X. This type of event is truly cataclysmic and can cause most of the earth’s surface to change to the point that it is unrecognizable. A core reset is, therefore, capable of destroying every city on earth as well as kill most of the earth’s human inhabitants.


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