961. Demon face in France heat wave weather forecast

963. Planet X bringing in larger hailstones: increasing effects

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher
Figure 1 below shows some hailstones which fell in Vandervoort Arkansas, on June 19th 2019. These are absolutely huge and very far from spherical. Hailstones are made of water which the Planet X Stellar Cores (SCs) created before their planets broke apart. The energy depletion event caused the water inside the planets, and which had recently been created by the water creating cores near the surface of the planet, to freeze into these ice agglomerations.

Figure 1. Demon face appears in a weather forecast map from May 20th 2019 (Source: Strange Sounds via TNS, 28 June 2019). Notice that if this heat was coming from the Sahara as had been reported then there should be a trail of heat connecting the North of Africa with France, but instead, we have self-contained regions which appear to be sources of heat, clearly indicating that the heat is coming from these particular regions due to the sun simulators heating these regions more than the surrounding atmosphere and that the explanation that it is coming from the Sahara is a lie. Since this is a forecast map it also shows that the input parameters are not heat coming from the Sahara but heat coming from the sun simulators. This forecast map thus makes a mockery of the weather forecasters with their mathematical models, which they obviously know absolutely nothing about.

So what does this tell us? The weather is artificially produced and those that are in control of the weather are under the control of the spiritual being, and his servants, who took control of this planet 6000 years ago, the reptilian, Lucifer. What should we do when something evil like this, manifests? We should take authority in the name of Jesus and command it to stop doing what it is doing; we should say something like: ‘I command you, evil inspired heat wave to stop now, in the Name of Jesus’. All things have to bow the knee at the name of Jesus:

10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; (Phil. 2:10)

In conclusion, a demon face manifesting on a weather forecast map shows that the weather on earth is artificially controlled via the sun simulators and that the weather forecasters have no idea what their weather modeling is doing. In addition, it means that artificial weather controllers are under the control of the alien beings that took control of humanity 6000 years ago.


[1]          Albers, C. (2019). Article 785: Planet X is here but what is it exactly?

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