Planet X and the two Kingdoms

896. Planet X and the two Kingdoms

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher

Planet X observations have led to the understanding that Planet X objects are the cores of planets and stars that were destroyed thousands of years ago. The planets and stars broke up due to energy depletion, which then released the core systems inside them. The energy depleted cores, which I have named Stellar Cores, then started coming into the Solar System to absorb energy. That energy is in the form of photons or light. Core matter connected to the universe’s energy supply is a source of gravity and matter; it creates matter out of light. Everything in existence is therefore made of light; energy and matter are both light (see Article 818: Planet X observations: the electrical universe is made of light) [1]. The energy or light comes from the Creator of the Universe; He is the sustainer of the universe, the energy comes from Him, which agrees with the following scripture:

who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, upholding all things by the word of His power, (Heb. 1:3)

‘All things’ refers to the universe; God upholds or sustains the whole universe. The energy flows according to His word or instructions.

Figure 1. Left: Two galaxies: God sustains the whole universe with His light so that it constantly creates new matter and thus continually grows. The smaller galaxy was most likely created and ejected by the larger one. Right: A Planet X object, within the earth’s atmosphere.

So, God created the Planet X planets and stars, initially, when He created the whole universe and He also created what they are now, i.e. energy depleted cores. The reason why God destroyed these planets and stars, is that they were being ruled by Lucifer who was doing horrible things in his empire, as it seems that war and disease were invented on these planets, and the manufacturing processes being used produced a huge amount of toxic pollution (see Article 837: Planet X: the deepest secret) [2].

Figure 2. Stars Wars is based on reality, there was once an evil kingdom in the Universe, which God destroyed and out of which the Planet X objects came into being since they are the cores of the planets and stars that God destroyed.

Earth seems to have been a part of the empire and was restored by God. God then placed it in the hands of Adam and Eve, after which Lucifer convinced them to believe his word, rather than God’s word, and thus got them to sin and die, i.e. lose their connection to God. Death is being disconnected from God. The Planet X stars and planets died because they became disconnected from God’s energy supply, and Adam and Eve died because they too got disconnected from God. Thus, Lucifer took over Adam’s kingdom. But when Jesus came and died on the cross, He took it away from Lucifer, as it says in the scriptures:

15 and having despoiled principalities and powers, He made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.    (Col. 2:15)

Jesus conquered Lucifer’s kingdom and took it over, so Lucifer now has nothing but deception to work with. He constantly deceives people into violating God’s principles, which are meant to protect and bless so that God cannot protect them, and so that he can destroy them. He gets people to get angry and hurt other people so that they lose God’s protection. He gets people to hate the idea of tithing so that they are not blessed by God (see Article 838: How to activate the blessing of God) [3].

Figure 3. The blessing of God is available through tithing. God gave everything to save us because He loves us, love gives, and He wants us to learn to give, starting with the tithe, and in return, He will greatly bless us. The blessing will work in all areas, not just in the areas of finances and start working out all the problems in our lives. Part of that is to teach us how to align ourselves, with all of God’s principles, such as walking in love, which includes forgiving anyone who has ever hurt us, and being a blessing to others, whilst avoiding strife, as if it was the worst plague there is. The tithe goes to the church or house of God that feeds you spiritually [3].

He gets leaders of countries to speak words, which are opposed to the Word of God, so that he can destroy countries. However, blessing and protection are still available for those who refuse to do what Lucifer tempts them to do and say, which will lead to death and destruction, and who instead align themselves with what the Word of God says, which will bring life and blessing.  Anyone who aligns themselves with the Word of God, will be operating in God’s Kingdom, and anyone that aligns themselves with the deception, which comes from Lucifer, will be operating in Lucifer’s kingdom or what is left of it, i.e. deception, and it will bring death, destruction and the curse.

23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Rom. 6:23)

Sin is operating according to Lucifer’s deception or kingdom and eternal life is abundant and good life, the life that comes from the blessing of God.

Obviously, since God’s kingdom provides what is good and Lucifer’s deception provides what is not good, we should want to choose to operate in God’s kingdom. However, it is our choice. But if we choose the goodness God has provided, we need to start by making Him the Lord of our lives, which is very simple, we can just speak the words: ‘Jesus I make You Lord of my life, forgive me and lead me from now on into all truth, so that I can enjoy the full blessing that You have made available to me’.

The first thing you may like to learn, after doing this, is to use the weapon He has made available, His name; the Name of Jesus will protect you from all harm. It will cause all destructive effects that Planet X has brought to this planet from causing us any harm. Planet X came in at the time of the Flood because God used it to destroy the evil that was going on then, where man’s thoughts were continuously evil. Planet X never left and the effects are now increasing because evil is also increasing on the earth, but protection is available for those who are aligned with the Word of God, and are willing to use it (see Article 895:  Planet X destroying the earth but God has provided a place of safety) [4].

Figure  4. Floods all over the world: Santiago, Dominican Republic on May 24th 2019, Mexico, 27th May 2019, Saudi Arabia, 27th May 2019, Yemen, 26th May 2019. But getting born again and using the name of Jesus which He has given us for our protection will protect us from all these catastrophic effects.

In conclusion, God’s kingdom is available to us and it will bless, provide and protect us, once we have made Jesus the Lord of our lives. There is another kingdom in operation on earth, which is based on deception, and it will lead to death and destruction, we get away from its effects by making Jesus the Lord of our lives.


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