Planet X light emitting agglomerations close to the Sun

911. Planet X light emitting agglomerations close to the Sun

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher
Figure 1 below shows what appears to be a bright spherical object inside a bright oval shaped cloud envelope. This is certainly in agreement with previous observations which show that there are Planet X Stellar Cores, very close to the Sun. These objects are usually observed in SDO images, those seen in COR2 images are usually not that clear. However, in this case, the object seems to be very well defined and it is brightest at the center suggesting that it is both emitting light from its surface and emitting light from its cloud envelope.

Figure 1. Planet X Stellar Core emitting light from its surface and its cloud envelope on the left-hand side of the occulter, over the Sun’s position.  The cloud envelope appears to be oval shaped. A bright jet appears to emanate from the Sun on the right-hand side of the occulter.

Figure 2. The jet, which seems to be emanating from the Sun, seems to be made of larger pixels than the rest of the image, suggesting that an attempt was made to hide something in this part of the image. The jet does not even seem to be coming from behind the occulter as there is a gap between the occulter and the beginning of the jet, with no apparent increased pixilation in the gap. Thus this bright illumination is not coming from the Sun. If it did it would be seen to come from behind the occulter.

There seems to be some natural structure to the brighter part of the jet which would suggest that it is an agglomeration of objects.

Figure 3. The object on the left appears to also be pixelated as well but the pixelation does not extend to the outermost layer. The pixilation is greatest in the inner brightest region but it cannot hide the many curves and circular patterns in it. A dark circle with a ring around it is the typical shape of a Planet X SC close to the Sun and there are plenty of these patterns in the image.

Thus the inner part of the oval shaped bright object above seems to be made of several different objects, which may thus be in front of a larger and brighter object. Each circle with a ring structure around it is one object and several such structures can be seen in the brightest central part of the oval-shaped cloud and in the dimmer parts which appear to be yellow in the image and therefore this appears to be an agglomeration of interacting objects, possibly a system, i.e. a larger central object surrounded by smaller objects. I have previously described such a system as a central core surrounded by satellite cores, i.e. the core system of a once living star.

Figure 4. Stereo Hi1 A image of a Planet X core system coming in. It is comprised of a central core and many possibly hundreds of small satellite cores, all enveloped in cloud envelopes, which are made of volcanic gases, i.e. gases which each core creates. Cores are gravitational sources as well as sources of matter, i.e. they create matter, they come in to connect with the Sun’s core system and absorb energy, which then allows them to create matter once again.

In conclusion, a bright oval shaped cloud in a STEREO COR2 image appears to be an agglomeration of Planet X Stellar Cores (SCs), most likely attached to one larger central object, making this a core system with a central core and many much smaller satellite cores. And what at first appears to be a jet, coming from the Sun, seems to actually be another such agglomeration, suggesting that there may be two light emitting Planet X agglomerations or Planet X systems, on either side of the Sun, in the image.

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