The Earth has more than one Moon: confirmed

919. The Earth has more than one Moon: confirmed

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher
Figure 1 below shows a moon caught on a thermal camera in the sky over Dartmoor, UK, a region in the South of England. Thermal cameras detect infrared light. The fact that this moon was not visible, as far as the human eye is concerned, in the sky suggests that there was no visible light, for it to reflect, and thus further evidence that the Sun is not emitting visible light (see Article 888: The Sun is gone: Daylight comes from earth’s core) [1]. However, since this moon was reflecting infrared light, the Sun seems to still be emitting infrared light.

Figure 1. View from a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera on 27 March 2019. The moon was not visible in the sky in visible light but it was visible in infrared. Since the moon was visible as a crescent it was reflecting infrared light and would suggest that there was a source of infrared light in the sky [2].

Figure 2. Close-up on Dartmoor moon: some craters can be discerned on its surface. However, its outline seems to be very different from the real Moon.

Figure 3. When the Dartmoor moon image is placed next to the image of earth’s Moon, earth’s original satellite, it becomes obvious that this moon is far from being as spherical as the Moon and must, therefore, be much smaller than the Moon. This is the outline of an object that is much closer and much smaller than the real moon.

This is, therefore, one of the additional moons that I predicted would by now be in orbit around the earth due to the large numbers of Planet X Stellar Core Systems that seem to be coming in to the Earth (see Article 882: The moon is a Planet X planetary central core) [3]. As I have explained, in previous articles, Planet X central Stellar Cores connect to the earth’s central core and eventually go into orbit around the earth as moons, which will, therefore, suggest that this is one of the Planet X central SCs that have come in the last few years, since the Sun stopped emitting visible light. If this moon had come in when the Sun was still emitting visible light it would be visible in earth’s skies. This moon will continue to have a gravitational connection with the earth, which will cause it to always point the same side to the earth, just like Earth's Moon, and it will be producing its own tides.

Figure 4. The earth like all celestial objects has a core system inside it. Planet X satellite SCs attempt to become a part of the earth’s core system, by making physical connections with the earth’s surface. Central SCs connect to the earth’s central core and influence satellite cores in the region of the connection [3].
Planet X Stellar Cores are the energy depleted cores of the Planet X planets and stars, which broke apart several thousand years ago, due to energy depletion. They are coming into the Solar System to absorb energy and become a part of the Solar System’s own core system.

Figure 5. Planet X central SCs create connections with the earth’s central core and cause satellite cores within the gravitational connection region to erupt. They also give rise to sinkholes and tidal effects (see Article 899: Mud volcano erupts in Iran due to Planet X) [4]. The connection point on the surface of the Planet X SC must always face the earth, in order to remain connected to the earth’s core as it orbits, which is explains why the same side of the Moon always faces the Earth.

In conclusion, one additional moon, much smaller than earth’s original Moon has been detected over Dartmoor, England. This is observational confirmation that indeed Planet X central SCs turn into Earth moons.


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