1026. NASA’S deception mission: hide Planet X and the true universe

1026. NASA’S deception mission: hide Planet X and the true universe

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher
In Article 1025: NASA lies: The ISS cannot possibly be in orbit [1] I showed that the International Space Station (ISS) cannot possibly be in orbit because there are huge Planet X Stellar Cores (SCs), the cores of the destroyed Planet X planets and stars, in the earth’s atmosphere which would have been a collision hazard to the ISS. But there is a lot more evidence which also clearly shows that what NASA is showing and telling the public about space and its missions is a lie.

Figure 1. A screenshot from a video supposedly taken of the earth from the ISS: The Sun is simulated with a laser beam, notice that it is in the form of a white beam of light. This is so obviously fake and so obviously done in a studio that it has to be a disclosure (see Article 350: Why is video of Earth from the ISS produced in a studio?) [2]

All footage supposedly shot from the ISS is so obviously simulated in a studio that the Sun can even be seen to be simulated with a laser beam in the above screenshot. One thing is for sure, NASA is not even trying to make it look real, as real movie studios would do a better job. It is as if they are mocking all of humanity that believes in their lies. The ISS obviously does not exist except in a studio and as a soap opera with actors instead of astronauts pretending that they are in space.

Figure 2. In this screenshot we get to see what the source of the laser beam seen in figure 1 looks like. There are several beams emanating from above it. This is the ISS sun simulator. It’s obviously a special type of studio light and the earth appears to be a projection on a convex surface, with a mock-up of the ISS hanging in front of the camera (see Article 350: Why is video of Earth from the ISS produced in a studio?) [2]

The edge of the earth, which supposedly the earth’s atmosphere is clearly fake and made with two uniform thickness lines: one is very pale blue and the other is a darker shade of blue.

Figure 3. In video footage from the 1960s from a camera on board the X15 plane we can clearly see that the earth’s atmosphere has different thicknesses and fades to black through more than only 2 shades of blue (Source: YouTube Video by Amazing Info TV, 3 January 2015: X-15 1960 US Air Force mission report (colour corrected)) [1]

Figure 4. Photograph of astronauts on the ISS, taken with an open window behind them. Notice that their shirts have been purposely pulled up, in order to make it appear that they are in zero gravity, but yet the window was left open.  These are not astronauts training on an ISS simulator, as they are clearly doing everything possible to act as if they are in space.  The raised shirts suggest that they may be held up with fishing wire.

Figure 5.  The ISS set in a studio on earth. Would the real ISS have a door, which is supposed to protect people from possible accidental depressurization, off its hinges, and lying on the floor on its side? Would you find a door in a submarine out at sea lying on the floor on its side, like this? No, you would not; you would only find such a thing on a television series set. A series which is produced by NASA in order to deceive the whole world.

But in addition, these images are purposely released in order to mock those whom they are deceiving.

Figure 6. Jet propulsion laboratory control room technicians as they attempt to land a rover on Mars expressing themselves with their whole bodies as you would expect actors to react. Clearly, these actors have been told not to even act like real technicians. (see Article 463: Are NASA Mars missions real?) [6]

Figure 7. Jet propulsion laboratory mission control for the latest rover landing on Mars, on November 26th 2018: The mission control specialists appear to not be paying much attention to their screens, appearing to be more interested in smiling and talking, to each other, and for the camera. Why? They have been paid to act like actors, which is what they are.

Figure 8. Once the touchdown is declared the mission control specialists seem to make some practiced jubilation movements and they all then abandon their stations to celebrate.  But if you have just landed a priceless piece of machinery on a distant planet, do you not make sure that everything is working as normal?  Is this a time to abandon your post in order to make childish gestures?

These images show that not only is the ISS a lie, but all NASA missions also seem to be lies and they are not even pretending that what they are doing is real. Well, if you could fake any mission starting with the moon missions, why would you go to all the effort of actually having missions? It seems that NASA can do anything they put their minds to, they just do it in a studio. So what does NASA’s true mission seem to be? Hide Planet X and its effects from the public and if that becomes impossible because some people start discerning that there is something strange happening to the earth, give them some truth mixed in with lies. Give them some data which is close to the truth but is still the product of a simulation.

But how is it possible that the ISS can supposedly be seen in the sky above the earth?  This is the question that some people will ask who are still not completely convinced because they have been deceived for so long. However, the moon in our skies is most definitely a holographic projection so why shouldn’t the ISS in the sky also be a simulation? (see Article 504: The moon hologram and holographic projection technology disclosure) [7]. It seems that when it comes to deceiving the public about the fact that the Sun is still emitting visible light and the moon is still being seen, no amount of effort and technological advancement is spared, but when it comes to missions that are supposedly telling us what space is like, these are done in a studio in the cheapest possible way.

Figure 9. Screenshots from a video by the YouTube channel cliff481 entitled ‘Planes Flying Through The Moon 2’.  The video shows a plane flying in front of the holographic projector, producing the moon hologram in the sky, which then appears to develop glitches. The projector appears to be to the left of the moon, as it is when the airplane is on the left of the moon that it seems to interrupt the projection beam.  This shows that the moon in our skies is a hologram [7].

In conclusion, the ISS cannot in any way be in orbit and NASA’s missions are all disinformation missions, with only two purposes: lie to the earth’s population about the existence of Planet X and about the nature of the universe and mock them with the truth regarding the degree to which they have been deceived.

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