936. Birch Bay extreme low tide not due to a spring tide

936. Birch Bay extreme low tide not due to a spring tide

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X researcher
In Article 934: Ocean recession in Birch Bay Washington due to Planet X [1], I talked about an ocean recession event in Birch Bay, which I now understand is not actually unprecedented as has been happening periodically for a very long time. But it started me thinking about whether the official explanation regarding high and low tides is actually correct and the difference between normal and spring tides is actually correct. It turns out that it is not. A spring tide cannot in any way explain what occurred in Birch Bay, Washington.

Figure 1. A spring tide (official explanation taught in every classroom around the world) when the sun and moon are aligned, at the new and full moon.  When the moon is in its third-quarter or new moon phase lower high tides called Neap Tides occur. Spring tides are one third higher than normal tides, as the Sun’s effect on tides, is only half that of the moon’s. The tides affect the whole world, a region at 12:00 midday or midnight would experience a Spring Tide and a region at 6:00 am or pm would experience a spring low tide worldwide.

Figure 2. We need to determine how much stronger the moon’s gravitational force is at A than at B. The distance between the center of the moon and point A is
and the distance between the center of the moon and point B is given by 

 Then, the difference in the gravitational attraction by the moon between points A and B is given by

But we actually only need the relative difference, which is given by

Since the distance between the center of the moon and the center of the earth is rEM = 3.844 x 105 km and the radius of the earth is rE = 6371 km. Then, if we repeat the calculation for the Sun, we get:

So the difference in gravitational attraction which the Sun can provide which is what leads to tidal effects is much weaker than the moon’s, it is 0.000084/0.033 = 0.0025. This means that the moon and the Sun together cannot possibly cause the tide to be one third higher when they act in unison. In order for that to be possible the additional force that the Sun would have to provide would have to be one-third of what the moon could provide, i.e. 0.011 but the sun’s effect is much lower than that. The Sun’s effect is infinitesimal compared with the moon’s and cannot, therefore, explain the observed sea-level changes during what is called a spring tide.

This means that even though the tide occurring in Birch Bay may have been occurring for some time, the accepted explanation of it being a Spring Tide, i.e. due to the Sun and the moon being in alignment, is impossible. It cannot be true; the Sun does not provide enough tidal effect to explain it.

In addition, irrefutable ocean recession events around the world in 2017 and 2018 show that everything we have been told about gravity in every classroom around the world, is actually a lie.

Figure 3. Ocean recession events in Uruguay and Brazil on August 11th and 12th 2017. These were local events as the whole world did not have an unprecedented low tide within a few hours of this event and neither were unprecedented high tide events reported.

So these ocean recession events occurred locally or in small regions, not worldwide. So the explanation that a low tide is caused by ocean water getting bunched up under the moon and thus causing a lower sea level in other regions is simply impossible.

Figure 4. If gravity is only attractive the only way we can get a low tide is by water accumulating under the moon, creating a bulge, so that the level is lower at regions, which are at 90o to the moon’s position, over the surface of the earth. But if the low tide is in a small region, that cannot explain it. The only explanation then is that gravity is both attractive and repulsive.

Figure 5. If gravity was only attractive, any local lower sea level would be impossible as water always flows to equalize the level. So all that an object close to the surface of the earth would be able to cause is a tidal bulge than the water in the surrounding region would flow to equalize the level around it, a tidal hollow would be impossible. So a local low tide or ocean recession event has to be due to a difference in the local gravitational field, which thus shows that gravity is both attractive and repulsive. In this case, it is as if an object is repelling the water rather than attracting it.

In conclusion, the Birch Bay lower than normal tide cannot be explained by a Spring Tide and what is being taught about gravity and about tides in every classroom around the world is a lie.


 [1]         Albers, C. (2019). Article 934: Ocean recession in Birch Bay Washington due to Planet X.

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