970. California is sinking and sliding into the ocean; the groundwater lie

970. California is sinking and sliding into the ocean; the groundwater lie

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher
There have been numerous reports that California is sinking and the evidence is quite overwhelming that it is, as this sinking has been measured and is clearly causing damage to infrastructure.

Figure 1. Border around water channels breaking are a sign that the ground is sinking.

Figure 2. Subsidence or sinking in an inland portion in California.

However, they do not seem to have measured it at the coastline. Why? Because they believe it cannot sink there as the sinking is supposed to be due to the groundwater being pumped for agriculture? Or is it that they do not want to let the population know what is really going on? The ground is clearly sinking at the coastline as the seafloor at the coast must be sinking, which is why cliffs are falling into the ocean and the waves are reaching higher and higher, during storms. Clearly these coastlines have been battered by waves for thousands of years, why is it that only now the waves are eroding cliffs away? The ocean level has not increased worldwide, so why should it increase here more than anywhere else? So, why should the waves reach much higher elevations than before? The answer is that the ground is sinking beyond the coastline; the sea floor is also sinking. Now, how does pumping groundwater explain that? It cannot, there are no farmers pumping groundwater from under the sea floor.

Figure 3. Cliffs falling into the ocean are a sign that the sea floor is also sinking, so the ocean reaches further and washes away the cliffs. This means that California is actually sliding into the ocean.

In addition, the idea that groundwater could be depleted by pumping is ridiculous because like all celestial objects in the universe, the earth has a core system, which creates all the material that the earth is made of, including water. Water creating cores are usually the cores in a planetary core system which are closest to the surface and they continuously create water, so no matter where one lives on the surface of the earth if you dig into the ground you are going to eventually find water. The water from above can sometimes get into the ground but most of the water underground is created by water creating cores inside the body of the earth.

Figure 4. The earth’s core system will have a very large central core and many much smaller satellite cores, which will decrease in size as we move closer to the surface of the earth. The smallest are likely to only be able to create water. Earth’s core system would have started out as one single large core, which underwent matter creation and core ejection, i.e. the original core ejected small parts of itself, thus giving rise to smaller satellite cores, which, in turn, did their own core ejections, so that smaller and smaller cores ended up being located closer to the surface of the planet. Magma creating earth cores are larger and usually deeper inside the body of the earth but sometimes as a result of Planet X, they end up closer to the surface, which then gives rise to a volcano.

The ground is not only sinking, it is fissuring and large gaps are appearing overnight which suggests that at any time there can be a sudden and dramatic event during which most of the California coast simply breaks off and quickly sinks below the waves of the ocean.

Figure 5. California has been sinking for some time but it is accelerating and the ground is also fissuring.

Figure 6. Screenshots from a YouTube video by The Two Preachers from March 4th 2019 entitled ‘Something Very Strange is Happening in CALIFORNIA !!! MARCH 2019 End Times’. This shows huge cracks that opened up close to two houses overnight. This is not just fissuring, this is the ground breaking apart at a very fast rate (see Article 658: Something major is happening to the earth under California) [1].

It should not be surprising that this event is accelerating as Planet X is the force behind all major changes that have occurred in the past and that are occurring now and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that both the number and size of the Planet X objects coming to the earth is increasing (see Article 963: Planet X bringing in larger hailstones: increasing effects) [2].

Figure 7. The above images show what will ultimately and can now happen at any time in California as all the signs that it is already happening are there.

In conclusion, California is sinking and thus sliding into the ocean. The seafloor close to the coastline is clearly also sinking, which is then causing cliffs to fall into the ocean, showing that the groundwater depletion excuse is a lie.  The sinking seems to be accelerating and huge gaps are now appearing overnight, which indicates that at any moment a good portion of  California close to the coastline can suddenly break off the rest of the mainland and slide beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

[1]          Albers, C. (2019). Article 658: Something major is happening to the earth under California.
[2]          Albers, C. (2019). Article 963: Planet X bringing in larger hailstones: increasing effects.

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