980. California earthquakes: rift unzipping: land sliding toward the ocean

980. California earthquakes: rift unzipping: land sliding toward the ocean

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher
Another strong earthquake, this time a 7.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in California on July 5th 2019 at about 11:20 pm ET close to the location of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake which occurred on July 4th 2019. This earthquake was very shallow with a depth of only -0.86 km, which shows that the epicenter was extremely close to the surface. This can indicate one of two things, magma getting close to the surface, which would mean that a volcano is forming very quickly or the ground is simply moving very close to the surface, in response to a changing gravitational field due to a gravitational connection between a Planet X Stellar Core and the earth’s core.

Figure 1. A magnitude 7.1 earthquake on July 5th over a day after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake suggests that this location is undergoing a lot of activity. Some 2000 earthquakes have occurred in this region within about 2 days. The earthquake epicenter also forms a pattern which suggests unzipping or fissuring of the ground in this area. This means that a rift is forming and unzipping in this region.

Figure 2. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake had an associated epicenter depth of -0.9 km, or 900 m above sea level. This may suggest that the calculations are delivering shallower depths than the true depths at which these earthquakes are occurring but also shows that some of the earthquakes are occurring very close to the surface. These surface events are not likely to be due to plasma ejections at these points unless a volcano is about to form, in which case, volcanic gases and lava are likely to emerge in this region very soon. However, the very different depths of all the earthquakes points to large scale movement of the ground and the relative position of the earthquakes suggests that a rift is opening up in this region.

The unzipping of the earth’s surface at this region would be associated to slow plasma ejections by the earth’s central core deep underground and thus to the surface field changing, so this is basically a surface reformation event and also a large scale event. The ocean all along the coast of California seems to be sinking, which would indicate an overall movement of the land at the coast westward toward the ocean (see Article 970: California is sinking and sliding into the ocean; the groundwater lie) [1]. This would cause a rift to open up somewhere inland, which will eventually turn into another ocean. But since this is occurring so close to the coastline it basically means that the land westward of the unzipping region is likely to become a part of the ocean floor, eventually. The unzipping seems to be spreading northwards and southwards in a zigzag fashion. Due to Planet X continued influence on the earth’s core, this event is likely to accelerate.

The unzipping of the earth’s crust in this region is similar to what is occurring along the new Madrid seismic zone, it too is a rift zone and it is unzipping (see Article 910: New Madrid is a new ocean in the making: flooding is a cover-up) [2].

Figure 3. A 4.7 magnitude earthquake further north but along a line connecting the 7.1 magnitude from the 5th of July, and a whole lot of smaller earthquakes suggests that the unzipping is progressing along this line and it starting at higher depths, in this case, 8.3 km, and will most likely be followed by movement at shallower depths, at this same location, and the unzipping will then proceed further north from it.

The fact that the unzipping at a certain location begins at higher depths suggests that this is due to a changing gravitational field, in this location, due to changes, in the earth’s core system, which would originate with the earth’s central core. This is surface reformation which is occurring at a slow pace, i.e. it is not occurring as one sudden movement, but super accelerated in terms of what geological theory states is possible, for such dramatic changes to the earth’s crust, as geological theory believes that it takes billions of years for such things to occur, but here we are seeing both the formation and unzipping of a rift, in a matter of days.

This type of movement will thus result in growing fissures appearing on the surface of the ground which will most likely keep growing ever larger, and will thus produce large gaps in the ground.

Figure 4. Evidence of fissures opening up after the 6.4 magnitude earthquake of July 4th 2019: The gaps show that the ground is moving apart.

Figure 5. Unzipping, along a forming rift, parallel to the California coastline, seems to be occurring due to changes in the earth’s core system, as a result of Planet X. Arrows indicate the direction in which the rift formation and unzipping is likely to continue in.

In conclusion, recent earthquakes in California suggest that a rift zone is forming and unzipping at a very fast rate in California. The rift runs through the Ridgecrest region and is quickly spreading northwards and southwards and shows that there is increased movement and reformation of the earth’s crust along the California coast, which extends into the ocean floor and inland to where the unzipping is occurring. The land west of this region is likely to keep sinking and sliding into the ocean at an ever increasing rate.

[1]          Albers, C. (2019). Article 970: California is sinking and sliding into the ocean; the groundwater lie.
[2]          Albers, C. (2019). Article 910: New Madrid is a new ocean in the making: flooding is a cover-up.

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