986. Planet X induced cataclysmic Pole Shift about to occur

986. Planet X induced cataclysmic Pole Shift about to occur

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher
A Pole Shift event, as I have described in previous articles is a surface reformation event due to a cataclysmic gravitational field interaction between the earth’s central core and a Planet X central stellar core (SC), an energy depleted core from one of the destroyed Planet X planets, that is about the same size as the earth’s central core or larger. It causes the earth’s central core to go through massive core ejection and its satellite cores to eject plasma at the same time. The event leads to a sudden change in the earth’s gravitational field, which leads to surface adopting a different configuration, with islands and mountains disappearing and forming somewhere else, as well as worldwide earthquakes and huge numbers of simultaneous volcanic eruptions (see Article 972: Planet X effects accelerating: moving toward cataclysmic pole shift) [1].

Figure 1. A pole shift, actually a core reset, due to Planet X can cause huge fissures to form, within a few minutes. It leads to huge fissures opening up, large sections, of the landmasses, sinking below sea level,  islands disappearing and new islands forming, within a few minutes.

Figure 2. Core ejection by the earth’s central core causes the surface to adopt a new configuration as the surface is an extension of the gravitational field generated by the earth’s core system. Very intense core ejection will cause fast expansion of the planet’s surface and thus to deep fissures forming, which will be more like huge canyons.

Figure 3. A strong gravitational connection will lead to a dramatic core ejection from the earth’s central core but when the Planet Central SC first arrives the connection is likely to be weak and the initial ejections also weak.

Figure 4. The Planet X central SC is likely to make connections at different points on the surface of the earth’s central core, which will create different regions where the surface reformation is much greater than anywhere else on the surface of the earth.

Figure 5. Left: The different connection points at which core ejection is more dramatic are likely to create ridges where dramatic expansion of the earth’s surface occurs and where new ocean basins thus form, as seems to have happened at the Great Flood event when the Atlantic Ocean and the mid-Atlantic ridge formed. Right: National Geographic map of the mid-Atlantic ridge: a collection of deep fissures likely to have formed as a result of dramatic core ejection by the earth’s central core below the ridge, in response to a gravitational connection with a Planet X central SC.

This type of event has most likely been building up for a very long time and the huge amount of rain that has been happening in the last few years is a sign of that, as it requires the arrival on earth of many more Planet X satellite Stellar Cores, which create water upon connecting gravitationally with the earth’s core system inside the body of the earth. The central SC has most likely therefore been making weak gravitational connections with the earth’s central core and slowly gathering energy. The evidence suggesting that it has now reached the point where a cataclysmic event is about to occur is the bees dying during the California earthquake, on July 5th, which indicates a dramatic change to the earth’s gravitational field and thus a dramatic shift in the earth’s central core, which can only react with core ejection. Then, the fact that the bees were also reported to be dying in the UK on the same day suggests that this is not a local event, this is a worldwide event (see Article 985: Bees dying after earthquake due to Planet X: bees use gravity to fly) [2].

Figure 6. Screenshots from a video by DAHBOO77:  Left: A bee seems to be losing its ability to fly. Right: The bees eventually just lie on the ground and die, indicating a sharp and dramatic shift in the earth’s local gravitational field due to Planet X (Source: YouTube Video by DAHBOO77, 7 July 2019: What Is Going On? Bees Are Spinning, Dropping Dead In California and UK) [2].

This event is a Pole Shift event, which is now developing and close to reaching critical levels, which will then result in all that a Pole shift entails: worldwide earthquakes, huge simultaneous volcanic eruptions and the sudden formation of new oceans where the process has already started, as well as the sinking of parts of the landmasses where this is also already occurring. There appears to be sinking already occurring along the India coast, the US west coast is sinking and the New Madrid Ocean is in the process of forming. Now, it is likely that there will be a dramatic and sudden progression in the processes that have already begun, where the sinking below sea level and the sudden appearance of an ocean occurs within a few minutes, at the same time that worldwide earthquakes occur. A worldwide earthquake would also unleash huge worldwide tsunamis. This is likely to be very close to occurring, now, and may be only a few days away. But since I have never witnessed an event like this before, I cannot be sure of the timing, it may also take a few weeks or even months to occur, but it is more likely to be very soon.

Figure 7. Worldwide earthquakes will unleash worldwide tsunamis that will devastate the coastlines around the world even if they do not suddenly sink into the ocean.

The event that pointed to the last phase of the build-up to the cataclysmic Pole Shift, which seems to be about to occur was most likely the Ulawun major volcanic eruption on June 26 2019 (see Article 955: Planet X effects increasing: volcanic eruptions) [3], but the ongoing rift formation and unzipping event which is now ongoing in California is a strong indication that the build-up to the actual Pole Shift event is now nearly complete and it is thus about to occur (see Article 980: California earthquakes: rift unzipping: land sliding toward the ocean) [4]. This event will, however, affect the whole planet and is likely to lead to huge numbers of people dying, especially those living close to the coastlines. I would, therefore, recommend that everyone who has not yet done so to pray to our Creator who loves you and wants nothing more but to save you and embrace you as His child. I plead with you to give him your life; He is the only truly safe place.

In conclusion, Planet X induced effects have been building up to a cataclysmic Pole Shift event for some years now and recent events such as the Ulawun volcanic eruption, California earthquakes which seem to be associated with a rift opening as well as bees dying during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake, not only in California but also the UK, shows that this is a worldwide event, which is now about to occur.

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