998. Ocean temperature anomaly: earth being terraformed

998. Ocean temperature anomaly: earth being terraformed

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher
A world map showing ocean temperatures is shown below. The ocean temperatures seem to me to be abnormally high. However, I do not have any clear historical reference frame except in the case of the ocean water along the west coast of Portugal, where I used to swim as a child. The water along that coastline was also extremely cold. I remember how my feet hurt as I entered the water, which suggests that it could not have been any higher than 19oC and perhaps more like 17oC, but the map shows that the water along the Portuguese coastline is now above 21oC (70o F).

Figure 1. World map showing surface ocean temperature [1]. The ocean temperature appears to be abnormally high just north of the equator around the whole earth, and at times, in regions that are on the equator. You would expect the temperature to be higher where the ocean is shallower but the ocean temperature should not be higher than the atmospheric temperature.

The fact that the ocean temperature should not be higher than atmospheric temperature can be verified very easily in the case of a pool in summer. It is extremely difficult to get the pool water to warm up to the point that it is comfortable to swim in it, and after a whole day of sun, it may warm up by the end of the afternoon, only to be freezing cold, once again, the following morning. The pool water loses heat through the night through the pool walls and to the air. The only way to get the pool to stay warm is to use a heat pump and thus constantly transfer heat into it. In order to get the pool to a higher temperature than the air you have to pump even more heat into it, constantly, and the deeper the pool the more heat you have to pump into it. How much heat do you need to then pump into water that is as deep as the ocean? Thus, the only way that the surface ocean temperature could have reached the almost constant state of being at a higher temperature than the air close to the equator is if a lot of heat is being constantly pumped into it.

So how is this being done? Most likely in the same way as the atmosphere is being heated over the landmasses in order to attract the Planet X Stellar Cores (SCs), which create water and thus create the weather. The effect cannot be due to radiation coming from the Sun, because radiation from the Sun cannot heat the oceans during the night, i.e. the oceans at locations on earth that are turned away from the Sun.

Figure 2. Radiation coming from the Sun (infrared or other wavelengths other than visible light) is not able to heat the ocean during the night as those waters are on the opposite side of the earth during the night.

Figure 3. Planet X water creating Stellar Cores (SCs) surrounded in ring shaped cloud envelopes. The one in the nucleus has a cloud envelope that looks like the arms of a galaxy because the gravitational force, which gives rise to a galaxy is the same that gives rise to these weather systems, made up of water creating Stellar Cores, the core systems of the destroyed Planet X planets. The SC in the nucleus is likely to be about 100 km (60 miles) in diameter, the smaller ones, which are most likely responsible for tornado type gravitational effects may be between 1 and 10 km (6 miles) in diameter. The nucleus SC is the one responsible for the gravitational effect, which creates the tidal surge (see Article 978: Planet X observed in earth satellite images) [2].

Figure 4. Planet X SC in the earth’s atmosphere: a solid spherical object inside its cloud envelope (see Article 785: Planet X is here but what is it exactly?) [3].

Figure 5. Evidence for the existence of core matter on the surface of the earth: rocks which create sand and reproduce themselves and are thus core matter: Trovant babies grow out of a large trovant. They have exactly the same structure: an ellipsoidal nucleus and an outer sand layer. Once they reach a certain size the small trovants seem to break off the parent and become independent trovants (see Article 987: Trovants: rocks that grow: core matter, water, and human consciousness and Article 988: Trovants, Planet X and how planets continuously grow in size) [4, 5].

The fact that the temperature is always much higher over a certain location before a storm arrives and then drops after the storm indicate that the Sun simulators are being used to heat the atmosphere.

Figure 6. By heating the atmosphere ahead of a Low-pressure weather system associated to a Planet X System Stellar Core within the Earth’s atmosphere, the object will be induced to move in that direction.  This creates a higher temperature in the region prior to the object moving in and causing storm conditions followed by a temperature drop (see Article 493: Weather Manipulation: Planet X under Intelligent Control) [6].

Figure 6. The observational evidence showing that there is an array of devices in orbit which simulate the sun is irrefutable in the form of the video footage from a weather balloon. The sun simulator in orbit is observed getting dimmer and switching off, taking 2 minutes to do so. The sky however remains illuminated because this is not the only sun simulator visible from the balloon’s position. There were at least 4 more as the camera made a 360o sweep from this location (see Article 771: The artificial Sun orbiting the Earth) [7].

Since the powers that be have a whole array of sun simulators in orbit it is to be expected that they will use them to control the weather by controlling the objects that control the weather and since the method is basically the emission of radiation, which is absorbed by the atmosphere leading to a temperature increase, you would expect that the ocean is also absorbing radiation and increasing its temperature, which would suggest that the simulators are emitting radiation outside of the visible range as they would have to be turned on even at night in order to keep the ocean temperature at the levels shown, which would, in turn, suggest that the simulators are emitting infrared or ultraviolet light, even at night. Thus, climate change has become the excuse for basically terraforming the planet but not for humans. This kind of terraforming is likely to drive humans to extinction. And why would this be done? Most likely in order to attract more Planet X SCs to the planet and thus cause more havoc.

In conclusion, the ocean surface temperature close to the equator is abnormally high and suggests that the powers that be are using the earth’s sun simulator system in order to get the ocean temperature to those high levels. This suggests that the planet is being terraformed in order to drive humanity to extinction.

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