1632. Coronavirus vaccine lie: disclosure is magic to them

As I have stated in many previous articles the coronavirus epidemic is a complete fabrication, a ridiculous lie that is being used to lock down the earth’s population and introduce the abomination of desolation. As I stated before this could be a vaccine or the actual test for the virus, which could be used to introduce a compound that changes the human DNA. However, a marker would be used in conjunction with either the test or the vaccine in order to differentiate between those who have taken the test or vaccine and those who have not, this marker would be the mark of the beast [Article 1626: The coronavirus lie and the abomination of desolation test]. The DNA changing compound or vaccine would be ready long before this time, all the father of lies government led by the Antichrist and all those leaders that have bowed the knee to him, would have to do is keep on acting as if they are doing all they can to contain it and failing miserably. They would thus fabricate some argument as to the emergence of a vaccine. Evidence of this fabrication has now emerged.

Figure 1. On March 11th 2020, news emerged that a vaccine would be tested on humans before it was tested on animals. Something which has never been done before, already an indication that it is a lie (Source: https://www.statnews.com/ 2020/03/11/researchers-rush-to-start-moderna-coronavirus-vaccine-trial-without-usual-animal-testing/)

Figure 2. The fabrication continued with video footage published across all media that one person was injected with a vaccine. However, someone noticed that she was injected with a subcutaneous needle rather than an intramuscular needle, which is what is always used with vaccines and that therefore she was not injected with a vaccine at all, but most likely just saline.

Figure 3. Here is the post that alerted me to this impossible to miss evidence that the vaccine just like the coronavirus itself is a complete fabrication.

Figure 4. The difference between a subcutaneous and an intramuscular needle: length.
So this is irrefutable evidence that the vaccine is a complete fabrication and that nothing that is produced about this virus can be believed. The governments around the world are obviously all intent on frightening their populations into submission. If you were them what would you do? You would produce videos of people dying, you would pay people to pretend to be doctors, nurses and patients and produce video footage that would convince people that their lives are in danger. This is precisely what they have done.

Figure 5. Video footage supposedly of a Chinese hospital showing bodies in body bags lying on waiting room chairs [Article 1510:  Wuhan virus deception and the vaccine that alters DNA]. No hospital staff would place bodies in body bags and leave the bedding lying on the chair under the body bag if they were really dealing with a viral epidemic, the bedding would be removed and burned, the bodies piled somewhere and the area disinfected in case some of the staff touched the bedding and infected themselves.

The above footage and the attempt to fool the public with a fabrication that is sure to eventually allow them to say that the vaccine is ready, shows that the whole thing is based on lies and the news media cannot be trusted or believed.

Now, why do they mess up? Why did they simply not use the right needle even if they were using saline rather than a true vaccine? The reason is that they wanted the truth to emerge, i.e. that this is all a fabrication; they are not working on any vaccine at all. They want people to be taken in by a lie that has been clearly shown to be a lie, for this is when Lucifer has the power to do the most harm to people [Article 1631: Great Tribulation beginning now: why?] The creating of a lie and yet clearly disclosing that it is a lie is Lucifer’s signature [Article 1585: Double rainbow in Iceland and NASA: Lucifer’s signature]. The human ‘powers that be’ use it as if it is magic, it is like an act of worship of the father of lies, which gives them power to do what they want, but which it is really what he wants.

In conclusion, the fabrication toward presenting the public with a vaccine seems to have begun and it came with the evidence that it is all a lie just like the coronavirus being an epidemic was clearly shown to be a lie, with a video supposedly done in a Chinese hospital of body bags left on hospital waiting room chairs. Creating a lie and openly disclosing that it is a lie is like magic to the human ‘powers that be’ who worship Lucifer.

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