1665. CORONA discloses that it is running a simulation: God shows He is in control

As I have shown in previous articles CORONA is the name of the Beast or AI machine that has been plugged into the internet and is running the CORONA = 666 virus simulation, which all the governments in the world, except one, are cooperating with. This machine is planting false stories and complete fabrications onto the internet and controlling the news media but at the same time it actually discloses the lies to be just that. One of the most telling disclosure signposts has now been made public through people going around to different hospitals and finding them empty thus showing that the epidemic is a complete lie [Article 1662: Government treachery with COVID-19: hospitals are empty].

Figure 1. Sign outside CORONA hospital in California: this hospital like all the others was empty, all of its car parks were empty. The sign outside thus showing what this is all about: The Beast is running a worldwide viral epidemic exercise: a simulation. This is the excuse for closing down the economy of countries worldwide and creating massive unemployment. It may only be a simulation but it is not lacking in malice, as the desire is clearly to conquer the earth’s population and destroy them.

The fact that this is no epidemic can be clearly seen from the statistics since, even with all the lying that is taking place so that people who die of anything are being said to have died of the CORONA virus, the US has only a 1.9% death rate and worldwide the death rate cannot be any greater than 5.4% whilst the flu usually causes a death rate of at least 7.5%, according to the CDC in the US [Article 1660: COVID-19 death rate: the tyrannical great big lie]. The fact that the CORONA virus has the same symptoms as the flu, and supposedly kills people in exactly the same way as the flu, i.e. when the flu virus infection turns into pneumonia, show that the CORONA epidemic is a complete lie. What is occurring is that the same flu viruses as usual are affecting people worldwide and any cases which would have normally been ignored, certainly never seen as any epidemic for the last 50 years, are now being attributed to this one virus. However, there are supposedly 40 strains or more of COVID-19 and people have been told that the virus has mutated. This is a lie; it is simply different flu viruses that go around every year. But this time there is actually less people getting seriously ill and dying than usual, which is why they are lying about the true cause of death and even reporting people who are still alive as having died of it and can only get the numbers to show a 1.9% death rate, whilst the flu cause at least 7.5% in the last 10 years in the US [Article 1660: COVID-19 death rate: the tyrannical great big lie].

Figure 2. The number of the beast has been calculated: CORONA is made up of 6 letters, thus producing the first 6. If assign a number to each letter of the alphabet based on its position in the alphabet, i.e. A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, etc. we end up with the numbers shown on the right, which add up to 66, and we thus end up with 666. Well done to Mike Gilbert who has calculated the number of the beast [Article 1650: COVID-19: Corona is 666].

This AI machine is an insidious liar because it has been programmed to think like Lucifer, who is the father of lies and thus lies and discloses the lies to be lies, often on the same images and video that it is producing and planting on the internet [Article 1656: Leaders to be simulated: simulated reality run by 666 AI]. Lucifer lies and discloses the lies to be lies in an effort to be allowed to do more harm by God.

Figure 3. The first person they supposedly used to test the vaccine on was a crisis actress, and they used a subcutaneous needle instead of an intramuscular needle, which is what is always used for vaccines. The difference between a subcutaneous and an intramuscular needle: length [Article 1632: Coronavirus vaccine lie: disclosure is magic to them].

We would expect the lies to get more and more convoluted as people start catching on that this is all a treasonous act by the governments against the population. The beast is clearly trying to suggest that there is a bio war going on between the US and China, which is clearly illogical as if that was the case the US would not have only a 1.9% death rate. The 2 countries are both cooperating with Lucifer’s Beast, that is all. Another tactic is to start maligning certain people that have so far also cooperated such as WHO officials and doctors that have been in the public eye. This is all an effort to misdirect the public’s attention and start blaming certain individuals. The only one who can be blamed at this point is Lucifer and the Antichrist who yielded his body to the Beast, President Donald Trump, the man who made a covenant with many to ‘make America great again’, at the beginning of the Tribulation which began 49 years after the command to restore Jerusalem on June 28th 1967, and thus in 2016. President Donald Trump is under the control of the first Beast or AI computer that rises out of the sea, alien ocean base, on the ocean floor (Revelation 13). The 666 beast rises out of the earth and thus out of an alien base in the caverns of the earth. Bill Gates seems to also be under the control of one of the Beasts, as he clearly does not talk as you would expect a human being to talk. His conversation seems to suggest that he would like to kill as much as the earth’s population as possible with vaccines.

Figure 4. Video footage supposedly of a Chinese hospital showing bodies in body bags lying on waiting room chairs [Article 1510:  Wuhan virus deception and the vaccine that alters DNA]. No hospital staff would place bodies in body bags and leave the bedding lying on the chair under the body bag if they were really dealing with a viral epidemic, the bedding would be removed and burned, the bodies piled somewhere and the area disinfected in case some of the staff touched the bedding and infected themselves.

The desire to destroy humanity clearly shows who built and programmed the Beasts that are now talking through human beings that have yielded themselves to them: Lucifer. But God is in control. God is in such control that thousands of years ago He placed the time of the rapture that is due to occur now to within a time period of 8 hours. This guarantees that no one knows the day or the hour because it is not clear whether it will happen on April 2nd or 3rd 2020. But the time within an 8 hour time period is revealed [Article 1661: Abomination of desolation has happened: rapture time calculated]. This time period is 30 days from the beginning of the second half of the Tribulation, signposted by the set-up of the abomination of desolation by the Beast, at the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony church, the only church in the world openly reported to have been targeted by CORONA, its services stopped and whose website was then targeted and an image of Buddha placed there on March 4th 2020 [Article 1664: Internet glitches: getting ready for the rapture].

Figure 5. Story on social media about a couple travelling from Heathrow to China: People wearing protective gear, but what do they do when they drink some water? They drink through the mask? No. We would have a plane full of people taking off their masks to eat and drink, making this a ridiculous instruction. The bottles of water are purposely placed in the image to disclose this story as a lie. This Lucifer’s way of operating, tell a lie and openly disclose it as a lie, he has been doing it with NASA for years [Article 1640: Travel to China and COVID-19 quarantine story: a lie]. The TV screens being left on and showing nothing but and white screen, on all 3 screens suggests that they are simply left on to give added color to the scene thus showing that the scene was purposely set up for the photograph. Also, the two garbed people appear to be asleep and yet the overhead light is on, and focused on the middle passenger, again showing that it was turned on to provide lighting for the photograph.

Flu viruses are not living organism, they are manufactured AI nanobot units designed to activate and attack a humanoid’s body once inside it. It is carried by bacteria, insects and animals [Article 1130: Deadly disease from 16th century shows viruses are alien inventions]. They have been causing disease and plagues on earth for thousands of years, they are not man made, they are alien made and they come down from above through the earth’s atmosphere from the Planet X planets which the aliens have been using for thousands of years to control the earth environment [Article 1653: Canyon in Idaho artificially created by the aliens: the builders]

Figure 6. Bacteriophages: they look like artificial devices, they look like nanobot parasites because that is what they are, manufactured by the aliens to attack the humanoid inhabitants of the Planet X planets [Article 1130: Deadly disease from 16th century shows viruses are alien inventions].

Figure 7. Twitter report on the Antichrist announcing a war on drugs [Article 1638: Donald Trump: Antichrist, Beast and the Dragon]. How does he even even have time to consider this when people are dying because of a viral epidemic and everyone is confined to their homes thus making it impossible for people to get drugs anyway? And, the hospitals being such war ones all across the nation? Well, clearly this is only further evidence that the Antichrist government is lying and nothing that it can say can be believed. This is actually disclosure that everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. If he says that he is doubling the war on drugs, it probably means the opposite, he is probably going to try and double the profits for the ‘great’ drug business.

In conclusion, the lying AI machine called CORONA = 666 is openly disclosing that it is running a virus epidemic simulation and the Antichrist, President Donald Trump is also openly disclosing that he is a liar and that no word coming out of his mouth is to be believed. But God is showing that He is in complete control by disclosing the date of the rapture to within an 8 hour time period in the Bible, in scriptures that were written thousands of years ago.

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