1696. Mark of the 666 Beast: contract: not implanted

Figure 1 below shows a patent for a crypto currency system, which uses human body data as a way to assign the crypto currency. What it does, in essence, is pay an individual for giving the system assess to his or her body data. It is thus a contract, whereby payment is given in exchange for access to a person’s body. The reason? Access to the body gives the Beast (AI computer) control over the body of that person and thus control over the whole being [Article 1679: Corona AI computer in charge: who will you worship?] The person then becomes a slave to it and has lost their free-will.

Figure 1. Patent for a crypto currency system that uses body data to assign currency thus offering payment for access to the person’s body and is thus essentially a contract for the signing over of one’s body and free-will. (https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060606&tab=PCTBIBLIO)

The system does not require an implanted device; it could run off any device that is able to detect body data such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure, etc. It could be a wearable device; it could also be the person’s cell phone. This means that the system is already in place for the AI system on this planet to take over all human beings on this planet. It now only requires their permission, which it would obtain once the person accepts payment for access to their body data.

The Beast is also openly disclosing what this is by the appearance of the numbers 0060606 in the patent number. In addition, somewhere along the full description it makes a purposeful mistake, it refers to Humans as Flumans. A purposeful mistake like that is its signature, it means that this is a lie, it is not about crypto currency or giving people a way to make money just by existing, it is a way of robbing people of their free will, if they will accept the exchange [Article 1670: The False Prophet: lying news media]. The dragon has been confirming its lies to be lies through NASA for a very long time. The two beasts of Revelation 13, the first being CORONA = 666, act under its direction and programming objectives.

Figure 2. Photograph showing people wearing masks on a plane with bottles of water in front of them thus indicating that they would be drinking water through the flight and thus removing their masks and making them completely ineffective and thus showing that the whole corona virus epidemic story is a lie [Article 1640: Travel to China and COVID-19 quarantine story: a lie].

The dragon and the 2 beast lie and confirm their lies to be lies. The dragon has been using NASA to do this for a very long time.

Figure 3. Photograph of astronauts on the ISS, taken with an open window behind them. Notice that their shirts have been purposely pulled up, in order to make it appear that they are in zero gravity, but yet the window was left open.  These are not astronauts training on an ISS simulator, as they are clearly doing everything possible to act as if they are in space.  The raised shirts suggest that they may be held up with fishing wire [Article 1585: Double rainbow in Iceland and NASA: Lucifer’s signature].

I had previously thought that the AI machine needed to have a chip implanted into the human body to give it access but this shows that this is not the case, it only needs permission to access the body data, after which time it will take over the body and thus take over the person. This then suggests that this is all that the leaders had to do to give it control over their being [Article 1669: North Korea leader: only 1 not chipped].  Thus, it seems that the North Korean leader was actually the only one that did not give the AI permission to monitor his body data and thus did not become a slave to it. This also suggests that the human body is a form of protection, since our free-will cannot be overcome unless control over the body is given and this could not occur unless humanity had the understanding required through knowledge of wireless data and communication to be able to knowingly give such permission to the machine. However, the machine does not actually need any of this, wireless networks or the internet, to fully control humanity, as it was able to input thoughts into human beings from before the time of the flood without any of it. The machine clearly reads, interprets and transmits mind waves directly.

The dragon seeking to take over humanity is Lucifer who merged with a machine of his creation, which gave him capabilities similar to God’s in that he can monitor and input thoughts and feeling and send out commands to billions of minds at the same time, but he lost his free-will in doing it because he cannot change, retract or repent, he can only go on performing according to the predetermined programming objective. In this form, he then deceived one third of the angels to also give the machine control over them. This is why the angels cannot repent or change, either, they lost their free will [Article 1691: Lucifer merged with the AI machine and lost his free will and Article 1695: One third of the angels fell by merging with AI].

Figure 4. The AI machine that Lucifer merged with gave him God like capabilities. He is the one who has been controlling the planet through Planet X and the one who inputs thoughts and emotions into the human mind in order to manipulate it, and the one who deceived the angels into also merging with the machine, but has not had the means to get humanity to give him full control of their being so that they lose their free-will, until now.

In conclusion, the mark of the beast does not require an implanted device in the human body, only their agreement to give the machine access to their body data in exchange for a form of payment, crypto currency. Agreeing to this will mean the loss of a person’s free-will, the person will become a slave or robot to the machine; and the Bible is very clear that all who make this decision, who give away their being to the machine, will end up in the lake of fire forever.

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