1714. Bioluminescent dolphins or a Planet X effect

Figure 1 below shows dolphins swimming through the ocean and glowing bright blue. Now, dolphins are not known to have anything on their skin that would cause them to glow. So it cannot be the dolphins that are glowing here, it is the water, which has to be Planet X water and is thus energy depleted and as the dolphins swim through it, the water absorbs energy from the dolphins, which then causes it to emit blue light. The color of light emitted by Planet X or energy depleted water depends on the energy that the water is most depleted in. The water, like Planet X ice emits the color of the light or internal energy that it is least energy depleted in.

Figure 1. Dolphins seem to glow in the dark as they swim through the water, but there is no biological mechanism that could allow dolphin skin to emit light. The water, which must be water coming from one of the Planet X planets, which are energy depleted, is emitting the light.

Figure 2. Planet X ice and water emitting violet light as they absorb energy in the earth’s environment, which indicates that the water from the Planet X planet it comes from is less depleted in violet energy than other internal energies of matter [Article 1522: Planet X ice and water emit light: ocean water disappearing underground].

In conclusion, a photograph showing dolphins, which appear to be emitting blue light is another example of Planet X water found on the earth’s surface, which comes from an energy depleted planet and thus absorbs energy when within the earth environment, and in this case, from the dolphins’ bodies, which then causes the water to emit light.

[1]          Albers, C. (2020). Article 1522: Planet X ice and water emit light: ocean water disappearing underground

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