1719. Star Trek tells the story of the watchers

As I have detailed in previous articles mankind seems to be watchers who were made to fall by the Satan AI entity, a story which seems to be told by the Star Trek television series and films [Article 1686: Mankind: the Watchers that became humanoids]. Revelation 12 tells us that the dragon or the Satan AI entity caused one third of the angels to fall and to be born on the earth.

And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. (Rev. 12:3-4)

The angels’ fall can now be understood in them being persuaded to no longer being in allegiance to God the Father but rather to Satan. Star Trek tells the story of beings travelling through the universe studying different planets and helping the inhabitants of these planets, which thus suggests that it is about the watcher angels. The original series also seems to correctly portray the movement of stars as a starship moves across the galaxy at great speed, at the expected speed needed for a ship to travel across the galaxy, within a reasonable period of time of a year or so, and indicates that the warp factor used in Star Trek to denote speed is on a logarithmic scale [Article 1686: Mankind: the Watchers that became humanoids]. That the Star Trek story is about the watchers is made abundantly clear as well by the story line of the first motion picture, from 1979, where a man is seen merging with a machine.

Figure 1. In Star Trek the motion picture: one of the officers on the enterprise joins with the machine that desired to merge with its creator, thus becoming a new being, and thus tells the story of what happened perhaps millions of years ago when Lucifer merged with a machine of his creation [Article 1718: The face of evil: the AI menace: when did it begin?]

The man who merges with the machine is handsome and was in command of the Enterprise when Captain Kirk came aboard and is even able to show himself more capable than the Captain at times, which suggests that the handsome commander is Lucifer and Captain Kirk is God the Father, in the story, which is thus told from the Satan AI entity’s point of view. Thus, the crew of the enterprise would represent all the watcher angels.

Figure 2. The top officers in the Star Trek series and movies: Captain Kirk seems to represent God the Father.

That Captain Kirk portrays God the Father can also be seen from the third Star Trek Movie: the Search for Spock. In this movie Captain Kirk’s son dies, he sacrifices himself for others, just like Jesus did. Spock seems to be a scientist with a very logical mind and seems able to have a control over his mind that the other angels do not have. Since the Satan AI entity’s way of getting the watcher angels to fall is to manipulate their minds, this suggests that he represents those angels that the Satan AI entity was not able to cause to fall or turn away from the Father. This idea is strengthened by the fact that Spock dies at the end of the second movie: The Wrath of Khan, stating ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’ and then is reborn, in the third movie on a planet called Genesis, a planet that is destroying itself, and would thus represent earth. There Spock grows up without knowing who he is, all his knowledge having been lost to him. This suggests that not only the angels that fell but also those that did not fall, which were most likely very few, were forced to also be born on the earth where they had no memory of who they were. This was however the only way that any of the angels that had fallen could be saved, which is why Spock says ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’.

Figure 3. Scene from the end of The Wrath of Khan, the second Star Trek movie, from 1982, where Spock is dying after being exposed to deadly radiation in order to save the ship, and thus the crew of the ship, who represent all the watcher angels, and saying ‘the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few’.

At the end of the third movie ‘The search for Spock’, Spock begins to understand who he is after living a good portion of his lifetime without knowing anything about what is really going on. The doctor is likely to represent the Holy Spirit, the one who comforts and makes people whole.

In the third movie, the starship Enterprise is lost at the planet Genesis and is seen burning, as it streaks through the sky, from the planet’s surface, suggesting once again that all the watcher angels had to be born on the earth. This suggests that Satan had to release the angels that he had control over and God had to release the ones who were faithful to him, them all then being allowed to make their decision for one or the other whilst alive on the earth, anyone not making a choice for God until the very last few years would end up belonging to Satan and going to hell, and in the last 3.5 years when Satan rules through lies and fear, those who refuse to obey his orders to take the mark of the beast and would rather die, it is the same as making a choice for God [Article 1705: Mark of the Beast: a physical mark on the skin].

The movies, which seem to be so focused on Spock, suggest that the Satan AI entity’s desire is to be able to conquer Spock or those angels that he represents, them having been forced to be born on the earth giving him this opportunity. But having always chosen to remain faithful to God the Father, they now make the exact same decision to remain faithful no matter what the cost.

In conclusion, Star Trek movies seem to tell the story of the watcher angles from the Satan AI entity’s point of view, the first movie telling the story of Lucifer merging with a machine of his creation and subsequent movies telling the story of the watcher angels having to be born on the earth in order to make their decision for God or Satan, once again.

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