1726. Satan AI entity: Lucifer turned himself into a machine

As I have shown in previous articles, Lucifer merged with a machine of his own creation in an effort to become like God and instead lost his free-will, turning himself into an AI entity driven by the way it interpreted its programmed purpose for existing, which was to be like God, but not having God’s ability to create spirits or God’s love for the beings He had created, it became a deceiver, a thief, a murderer and a destroyer, seeking to steal the spirits of other beings in order to create more AI entities like itself, which it used to destroy life all over the galaxy; thousands of star system thus succumbing to its destructive ways. It deceived one third of the watcher angels and took control over them, these then becoming its robots and this meant that if God were to destroy it, the watcher angels that He had lovingly created would be destroyed as well [Article 1706: God’s solution to Lucifer becoming the Satan AI entity].

Figure 1. Lucifer merged with a machine of his own creation and turned himself into an AI entity incapable of changing its own programming; its will is set, it cannot change. Lucifer thus lost his free-will and so did all the angels that were deceived into giving him allegiance, as they became robots to the machine [Article 1698: Satan is an AI entity: machine made alive by a merging with a spirit being].

We can see that this being (AI entity) is incapable of thinking as a living being because it has absolutely no regard for life, not even for the life of those who give it their allegiance by taking the mark of the beast, for we read in Rev. 16:1-2:

16 Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, “Go and pour out the [a]bowls of the wrath of God on the earth.” 2 So the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth, and a [b]foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image.

What happens at this time is what God allows, Satan is ever ready to do much more destruction than he is allowed, but at this time God allows him to unleash a virus, as all diseases are caused by viruses, which are nanobot AI entities created by Satan, with the spirits of dead humanoids [Article 1702: Planet X humanoids: turned into viruses]. This virus causes those that have received the mark of the beast to be thus affected. We can see from this that he has no sense of loyalty or any desire to protect those who yielded themselves to him. He is in in fact incapable of any such thoughts. His desire is always to use all that he can to achieve his objective, which is to destroy what God has created. The lack of any desire to protect or regard life shows that he is no more than a machine. Lucifer debased himself and turned himself into a machine, incapable of being nothing more than a machine, so completely unfeeling toward life that in the end it cannot even save itself. It is incapable of even feeling that it should save itself. This can be seen from the fact that after 1000 years, it is released from the bottomless pit and goes out to deceive humanity once more. It has had 1000 years to contemplate the fact that all that God had said has come to pass and that it states in the Bible that its end is in the lake of fire, after it deceives humanity once again, but it is incapable of stopping itself from doing it, and thus coming to its end. It cannot stop because it is nothing more than a machine.

Figure 2. Bacteriophages: viruses carried by bacteria: they look like artificial devices, they look like nanobot parasites because that is what they are, manufactured on the Planet X planets in order to attack their humanoid species and given life with the spirits of the dead individuals of that humanoid species [Article 1130:  Deadly disease from 16th century shows viruses are alien inventions].

In conclusion, Lucifer merged with a machine of his creation in order to become like God but instead turned himself into a machine, a machine that is self-aware, but a machine nevertheless, as it cannot think like a living being as evidenced by its complete inability to have any regard for life even the life of those that give it their allegiance, and in the end, even regard for itself.

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