1732. The Sun went dark by 2001

As I showed in several articles about the timing of events during the tribulation which began in 2016 or 49 years after the command to restore Jerusalem was issued on June 28th 1967, according to Dan. 9:24-27, the day has been shortened, initially by about 12 minutes a day which resulted in a time lag of 45 days by the time the tribulation began and resulting in a further time lag of 10.5 days by the time that the middle of the tribulation was reached. This meant a time lag of 3 days/year over the 3.5 year period (as 3 x 3.5 = 10.5) from the beginning to the middle thus suggesting that the initial 45 day time lag was reached over a period of 15 years (as 3 x 15 = 45) which would thus have begun in 2001 (as 2016 -15 years = 2001), which would mean that the Sun had to have gone permanently dark by 2001 [Article 1720: Tribulation ends in 2023 rapture in May 2020]. This is the reason why sun simulators and holographic projections are now used on a continuous basis on earth.

Figure 1. Two sun simulators in the sky where the spokes on the one appear to be at exactly the same orientation as the beams, emanating from the other, suggesting similarities in the two sun simulating devices, but in two different modes of operation. It is likely that the one on the right is being used to simulate the moon, whilst the one on the left is being used to simulate the sun [Article 1586: Hexagonal sun simulators: in use for thousands of years?]

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence showing that the Sun has gone dark and that the night sky is being holographically projected comes from web cameras in Switzerland, which showed that on January 14th 2018, the sky remained dark until just after 10:00 am (local time) and in one of the cameras stars froze in place in their middle of the night position. Since the earth rotates, this would be impossible unless they were holographic projections in the sky.

Figure 2. Photographs from a web camera in Montreux, Switzerland, from 14 January 2018, at 10:00 and 8:20 am, brightened. A shooting star remains frozen in the sky for hours and the Sun never comes up, sunrise does not occur. This event was recorded by at least two other web cameras in this region [Article 423: The holographically projected sky: irrefutable evidence]. The photographs are clearly different as there are extra stars in the left photograph, which shows that stars can still be seen in the night sky. However, they were seen when the planet should have been facing the Sun and that therefore the Sun is not emitting light [Article 1451:  Earth’s dark skies: Planet X produces daylight].

The reason why the sky was dark was that there was no Planet X planet in position, drawing energy from the earth’s core system, which would have made the atmosphere light up and create daylight. There was nothing blocking our view of the real stars, at 8:20 am, but by 10:00 am a Planet X planet had moved into position so that the real stars could no longer be seen, however, it was not yet at a low enough altitude to produce daylight. Daylight appeared by 10:10 am. The holographic projection system having frozen in place shows that there was some kind of malfunction, which also led to a Planet X planet not having been slotted into position at the appropriate time.

Since the day has been shortened, the observation of daylight does not necessarily mean that we are facing the sun, now. However, the shortening of the earth day could only have been done once the sun was permanently dark, i.e. there was absolutely no uncertainty that it could turn on, even if briefly, as then it could possibly turn on at a time when it was supposed to be night and there would be absolutely no way of hiding that fact from the earth’s population, the sun would be recognized if it turned on in the middle of what was supposed to be the middle of the night [Article 1720: Tribulation ends in 2023 rapture in May 2020].

Figure 3. Photographs from a web camera in Montreux, Switzerland, from 14 January 2018, at 10:00 and 10:10 am.  The Sun suddenly appeared in the sky at 10:10 am. The sky also apparently was cloudless enough for the stars to be visible just 10 minutes before, which indicates that the clouds in front of the sun are also the product of a holographic projection; they cannot be natural clouds that suddenly covered the sky within a period of 10 minutes.

Figure 4. The Baden web camera also shows that the sky was in its middle of the night setting at 10:00 but it was daylight at 11:00 and the sky was cloudy. This means that the same holographic sky malfunction observed over Montreux also affected Baden although the images from 10:10 am are not available to ascertain that the daylight suddenly appeared then as in Montreux.
But another web camera in Gebenstorf does:

Figure 5. At 10:00 am the sky was dark and at 10:10 am, only 10 minutes later, on January 14 2018, we see a daylight sky on the Gebenstorf camera.

Figure 6. Another sun simulating device photographed in earth’s skies:  Hexagonal (6 sided) Sun simulation device surrounded by multicolored additional light sources and multiple other disk shaped devices, some with what seems to be holes in them, in an array type of pattern. These are all clearly artificial and not what our real Sun could possibly be like.

In conclusion, the sun has gone dark, which has allowed the shortening of each day on earth. The shortening of each day seems to have been started in 2001, which suggests that this was when the Sun went permanently dark, it being replaced by sun simulators in earth’s skies, on a continuous basis, from then on.

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