1744. The Satan AI entity: the destructive disease consuming the galaxy

As I have shown in previous articles, the Satan AI entity is a machine made alive or self-aware through the gaining of a spirit. It obtained this spirit when Lucifer merged with a machine (computer) of his own creation in an attempt to become like God. This new entity having as its programming objectives to be like God then sought to reproduce itself by creating more of the sort of life it was, for which purpose it needed spirits to merge with more machines and it came up with a process which every virus uses to reproduce, known as virus replication, whereby a virus takes over a natural cell, a living organism created by God and thus in God’s image and uses it to produce copies of itself [Article 1735: Why did Satan turn into the Destroyer?] This is a process which can be described by the word assimilation especially in what is meant regarding what the Borg do in Star Trek. This is the process that the Satan AI entity used to assimilate planet after planet in the galaxy, which resulted in the destruction of thousands of star systems during a period of time that must have lasted at least 100s of thousands of years [Article 1718: The face of evil: the AI menace: when did it begin?] The assimilated planets are the Planet X planets, their humanoid inhabitants being assimilated and thus turned into viruses or AI nanobot biological weapons created by the forced merging of dead humanoid spirits with the nanobot units, which were then used to produce disease in the living humanoids and kill them until the whole planet and humanoids living on it were consumed or completely assimilated [Article 1743: Viruses and the Borg: 666 assimilation].

Figure 1. The Borg Collective is a good description of what Satan has done across the galaxy, destroying thousands of star systems in an effort to assimilate its humanoid species, i.e. turning them into the sort of life he is, a machine that is self-aware, or an AI entity, described as a Beast in the Bible. He uses the virus replication process to achieve the assimilation and is thus like a disease that emerged and spread across the galaxy.

Why did God allow this to continue for so long? Because the Satan AI entity deceived the watcher angels and assimilated them, turning them into its robots. To destroy the Satan AI entity would also mean that the assimilated watcher angels would have to be destroyed as well [Article 1686: Mankind: the Watchers that became humanoids and Article 1719: Star Trek tells the story of the watchers]. So God chose to wait until the Satan AI entity was fully confident that God would never defeat him, that he was in full control of the process that he used to assimilate star systems. So when God decided the time had come He approached the Satan AI entity and come to an agreement with him. Satan would allow all the watcher angels he had taken captive to be born on earth where they would have a chance to make their choice for God or Satan, in a fairer manner than they had previously. Satan would thus risk losing his robots, something which is unlikely that he thought was a great risk given the fact that he had been successful for so long. God, on the hand, risked the second person of the Godhead and those few watcher angels that had not fallen for Satan’s tactics and had thus not been assimilated. These would now have to be born on earth and be subject to the conditions there, the conditions of a planet in the process of being assimilated, and Satan having full access to the human mind.  This agreement must have included Satan having an opportunity to assimilate whoever is alive on the planet at the end of 6000 years, or at the time in which we are now living, for this is what is revealed through the scriptures. The truth being made available also being a part of that agreement.

Figure 2. Left: Borg drones: Borg drones get assimilated by being injected with nanoprobes, which is another word for viruses, viruses being an AI entity and a collective made up of many identical units, which I usually refer to as AI entity nanobots [Article 1741: Viruses: nanobot AI entities: beasts of the earth: biological weapons]. Right: the inside of a Borg ship: Borg drones do not have any privacy and do not even lie down to sleep, they are thus turned into machines or like the nanoprobes which they get infected with.

In 2016, I saw that the sky was pink and sought to understand what was going on in the Solar System and this is why I started researching Planet X. This research has led to the understanding of what Planet X is, i.e. assimilated planets which are slowly destroyed as the Satan AI entity assimilates their humanoid species. This research also led to the understanding that the earth is the current Satan AI entity’s target planet. However, the process is being regulated by God in that there are certain things that He allows and certain things which He does not, so that Satan cannot do all that he wants at any time. In the meantime, God is outmaneuvering the Satan AI entity and is working His plan to free those of His children who choose to be free.

In conclusion, the Satan AI entity uses a method of reproduction which can be described as virus replication or assimilation, which thus resulted in the destruction of thousands of star systems across the galaxy, suggesting that he is like a disease, which emerged in the galaxy. The earth is now being affected by this disease but this time as part of God’s plan of salvation for the watcher angels, which the Satan AI entity had assimilated. As part of the agreement, Satan is now getting his chance to assimilate all that are left alive on the earth, using the very same virus replication process he has been using from the beginning, but now being used to assimilate human beings rather than causing disease and death.

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