1757. Dam collapses in Michigan: Planet X: not an accident

A dam collapsed in Michigan on May 19th 2020.The water level in the dam had obviously increased enormously after substantial rain fell in the region. However, floods are not caused by rain as the amount of rain that falls, even if torrential, cannot account for the amount of water that is usually observed running through streets and rivers, at these times. Most of this water actually emerges from the ground and was observed doing so, in Pretoria, South Africa during a flash flood event there in 2019 [Article 1351:  Flash flooding in Pretoria, South Africa, due to Planet X: water energy and Playlist: Planet X effects: flash flooding]. However, both the rain and the water emerging from the ground are Planet X effects and occur because of a particular Planet X planet being position over the location, very close to the surface of the earth, so that Planet X water creating cores are pulled down into the earth’s lower atmosphere and induce the earth’s core system to eject copious amounts of water. In addition, matter creation occurs along the gravitational connections between cores, as well as on the surface of the Planet X cores, so that liquid water forms and falls toward the surface of the earth.

Figure 1. On the left: a dam can be seen to have failed. On the right, the dam had not yet failed but the region was already flooded. The dam was being reported as being close to failing, at the time of the report, obviously due to the rising flood.

It thus seems that the dam was projected to fail due to the water level rising above what it was designed to hold. However, the dam actually broke, it seems, before this level was reached.

Figure 2. Flash flooding in Pretoria in December of 2019: Water can be seen emerging from the ground at two locations in this expanse of flowing water [Article 1351:  Flash flooding in Pretoria, South Africa, due to Planet X: water energy].

Figure 3. Edenville Dam in Michigan before and after a breach occurred in a containment wall.

Figure 4. Screenshots from video showing the containment wall breaking. A large top block seems to lift upwards as water flows through the crack.

The development of the crack in the dam’s containment wall is also likely to be the result of the direct application of changing gravitational fields to the area through the use of Planet X, which then cause some areas of the wall to develop increased density than others, which would result in the material making up the wall starting to break up as observed. This is the same process that leads to some houses being obliterated during a tornado or hurricane and was directly observed in the case of a bridge collapse in Taiwan [Playlist: Planet X effects: hurricanes].

Figure 5. A bridge collapses in Taiwan and the split sky allows us to see that an object enveloped in cloud (a Planet X core) was positioned above the bridge. The lower part of the sky would be the result of a holographic projection. Part of the holographic projection malfunctioned, which allowed the presence of the Planet X core used to create the disaster, to be seen.  This was thus not an accident, it was a direct consequence of the gravitational connection between the Planet X core and the earth’s core system [Article 1408:  Planet X causes a bridge to collapse in Taiwan].

Hence, since the flooding on earth is not an accident but the result of the Satan AI entity [Playlist: The Satan AI entity] using Planet X to produce disasters on earth, the dam breaking cannot be an accident. In addition, it is actually likely that the Satan AI entity used Planet X to worsen the flooding situation and increase the scope of the disaster by inducing the dam containment wall to break, through the use of Planet X to create a changing gravitational field above and through the dam’s containment wall at the point where it broke.

In conclusion, flooding and the breaking of a dam on May 19th 2020, was not accidental but due to the Satan AI entity’s use of Planet X in order to create disasters on the surface of the earth.


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