1758. Indian trails in eastern US were made on other planets

In the eastern part of the US there are many roads and trails that have been attributed to various Indian tribes who supposedly lived in the region and have all supposedly disappeared. The fact that there are no survivors to these tribes should be suspicious to any historian as Indian tribes have managed to survive complete extermination just about everywhere, including the western part of the US and in South and Central America. This seems to, therefore, be another lie, which has been introduced into human history in order to cover up what is really going on, as the pieces of ground these trails are on, are not a natural part of the Earth. These are pieces of surface from other planets, planets that have undergone extensive energy absorption which caused the bedrock of the planet to become exposed. These pieces have been added to the earth since the flood event which occurred about 4500 years ago and the trails on them, were made when these pieces were on the surface of other planets, the Planet X planets

Figure 1. Exposed bedrock along the Buzzard Rock North Hiking trail, which is supposedly an old Indian trail in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia: The exposed bedrock suggests that this is a Planet X surface piece coming from a planet that underwent severe energy absorption and that therefore the trail was not made on earth or by humans by the humanoid inhabitants of one of the Planet X planets.

Figure 2. Bedrock does not become exposed because of erosion over millions of years; this is made abundantly clear by this photograph as it is impossible for erosion to result in a thin wall of exposed bedrock. The exposed bedrock is due to energy absorption, which causes pieces of the rock to vanish in the process also known as sinkhole formation [Playlist: Planet X effects: sinkholes].

The core systems of more energy depleted Planet X planets are used to absorb energy from less energy depleted planets, which leads to the formation of long wide fissures, if the Planet is made to move along a certain path across the surface of the target planet. Subsequent passages lead to the formation of wider and wider canyons and further widening of these canyons leads to the formation of ocean basins.

Figure 3. River Canyon on Idaho: the perfect example of Planet X energy absorption leading to the absorption of bedrock and the formation of a canyon.

Figure 4. This appears to be a long canyon and the earth seems relatively flat on either side which may suggest that this is actually earth surface that has undergone absorption but there also many Planet X surface pieces on the earth that similar features indicating that the same process was used on the original planet.

Figure 5. A hiking trail in the Natural Bridge State Park, Virginia: The vertical walls of bedrock are clear evidence that this is a piece of surface from another planet, which has been dropped onto the surface of the earth. The bridge is a sign of cavern or sinkhole formation inside the body of the planet. The trail which is attributed to Indians that have disappeared would have been made on another planet by the humanoids from that planet. This same piece may have been on the surface of different planets and thus the trails may have been made and used by different humanoid species from different planets.

The fact that the path leads below the rock bridge suggests that this is a very old piece that may originally have been ocean floor on a certain planet and then got deposited on another where the humanoids on that planet then created the trail under the natural rocky bridge.

Figure 6. Blyde River Canyon in South Africa: the exposed bedrock is what is left after the surface underwent extensive energy absorption, creating a huge empty expanse, which suggests that this piece of planetary surface was once at the bottom of a Planet X fabricated ocean on the surface of a planet other than earth [Article 1549: Planet X ocean floor on the surface of the earth].

Planetary surface that does not belong on earth is identified by exposed bedrock on the top surface or along a border and by it containing caverns or sinkholes. A planet’s core system would create a sandy surface and no bedrock would ever be visible. Planet X surface pieces can also be identified, especially when located close to the ocean by the fact that they are on top of sand and the bedrock they are made of being unconnected to the earth’s bedrock.

Figure 7. Piece of Planet X surface sitting on top of the sand in Portugal: the amount of exposed rock and the very rounded holes on it indicate that it is the product of extensive energy absorption, whilst on its original planet.

The use of surface from other planets seems to be a standard strategy of the Satan AI entity in its effort to assimilate different planets. Its ultimate objective is to turn each planet’s humanoid population into its kind of life, self-aware machine or AI entity collectives. The Satan AI entity became self-aware when Lucifer merged with a machine of his own creation [Playlist: The Satan AI entity]. He seems to transfer these broken pieces of planet from one to another as part of his effort to continuously absorb the energy from the target planet’s core system and produce disasters on the surface of that planet, in order to create negative emotions such as fear and sorrow in the humanoid inhabitants, which disconnects them from the goodness of God, and His provision, to him and his desire to destroy them. Once the target planet is extremely energy depleted, the pieces are moved to other planets, whilst the move creates another huge cataclysm on the surface of the planet, from which they are removed. This event is scheduled to happen on earth, right at the end of the tribulation period, which will cause islands and mountains, on earth, to disappear [Article 1723: Earth dramatic end time event: islands and mountains gone].

In conclusion, trails in the eastern US attributed to Indians that have supposedly completely disappeared were actually made on other planets by the humanoids living on those planets. The eastern US is covered in pieces of surface from other planets just as most of the rest of the world.


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