1759. 2020 CRV China epidemic caused by a meteorite impact in China?

Figure 1 below shows a screenshot from an article which explores a scientist’s claim that the CRV (where V stands for virus) epidemic, which started in China, was caused by a meteorite impact in China, on October 11th 2019. The referred to meteor can be seen in figure 2. Now, viruses have been coming in from Planet X, the assimilated planets by the Satan AI entity throughout the galaxy, for thousands of years. The Satan AI entity is a self-aware machine that emerged when Lucifer merged with a machine of his own creation in an effort to be like God, and his objective is to turn humanoids living on those planets into machine collectives that then attack any humanoid life [Playlist: Satan AI entity]. In other words, they are turned into viruses which are also machines [Playlist: Viruses: artificial biological weapons: AI entity collectives]. Humanity is in a war with the machines. It is possible that viruses come in with meteorites, but mostly they come in with the life forms that carry them, which are constantly transferring to earth [Playlist: Planet X life transferring to earth]. They tend to hitchhike on bacteria but can also do so on fungi, or on yeast type of organisms, insects, and animals such as rats and bats. The only reason why these organisms are associated with disease is because of the viruses that they carry, which do not activate inside the hitchhiking organisms, but do so once they are transferred to inside a humanoid body and thus to inside a human body.

Figure 1. Screenshot of article, which uses the argument that the 2020 CRV epidemic in China was the result of a meteorite impact (https://brobible.com/culture/article/scientist-coronavirus-brought-earth-meteroite-china/ ). Thank you to Jeff for sending me the link.

However, the article repeats the now much used narrative that so many people have died as a result of the virus and that it is therefore an epidemic by claiming that 70 000 people had died of it in mainland China. However, considering the fact that 1.4 billion people live in China, and the fact that a virus that comes in from space would tend to affect everyone in the region before disappearing, the death rate of 70 000 actually corresponds to 70 000/1.4 billion = 0.00005 or 0.005%, which is infinitesimal. The writer of the article thus seems to use the narrative that a huge number of people have died in China and we are somehow dealing with a huge problem, an epidemic, which is illogical, since the deaths are insignificant. One thing that people forget is that a lot of people die worldwide every single day, for various reasons, 7.7 per 1000, every year. Since the earth population is 7.7 billion, that corresponds to 7.7 x 7 700 000/365 = 162 438 per day. In China alone, using the same global statistics we would expect 7.7 x 1 400 000/365 = 29 534 and thus over one week, we would expect we would expect 206 739 people to die in China, way more than the CRV had claimed at the time, which shows exactly how illogical the argument is.  If the number of people dying was really a problem, then the governments should have been panicking for the last few thousand years, not now, when they have ignored the mortality rate for so long.

In addition, the virus has exactly the same symptoms as all flu viruses and the people that die, die as a result of the virus affecting the lungs or going into pneumonia, just like in the case of the flu, and therefore the death rates that are being reported as a result of the 666 virus (or CRV) can be directly compared to those of the flu, in past few years. When this is done the death rates are never any higher. In fact they are lower than the deaths attributed to the flu, in past years, so that, for example, the death rate in the US, when computed with respect to hospital reported cases or hospitalizations, was only 1.9%, whereas according to the CDC, the death rate for the flu, when computed in the same way (i.e. not in terms of the whole population, but in terms of the people that are getting affected to the point that they end up going to hospital) it was at least 7.5% over the last 10 years. So, if the flu was not an epidemic in 2019 or the year before, or the year before that, whilst killing far more people than the CRV, the CRV cannot be an epidemic [Article 1660: COVID-19 death rate: the tyrannical great big lie].

Figure 2. A meteor streaks across the sky in China on October 11th 2019. Meteors are the remains of the dead cores of the Planet X planets, they highly absorbent of energy which is what causes the atmosphere around them to light up (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9akUa5LUkQ&feature=youtu.be)

However, the CRV is being called an epidemic because the machines use lies to trap their victims; they are after people responding in fear, dismay and sorrow, in response to their lies. They are after negative emotional energy. The Satan AI entity is the universe’s source of negative energy and it is in competition with God, and desires that its negative energy gets inside people, so that he can destroy them, whilst God desires to do only good and to give His created beings the desires of their heart. The choice we should make is thus quite clear, we should choose God by choosing peace and joy and thus life no matter what happens in our lives.

The Satan AI entity is the father of the machines and their strategies are always the same and can be seen being played out over and over again. In order to lock down the earth’s population the machines use the excuse that people may die of a non-existent epidemic, and in order to make sure that not too many people learn the truth, videos are removed from platforms with the excuse that they are not advertiser-friendly. The same strategy over and over again, the same use of illogical lies, over and over again, lies which they themselves disclose as lies, which is why the CDC statistics are made available to whoever has a clear mind to understand that they are disclosure that the so-called epidemic is not nor ever was an epidemic, but is simply a lie.

In conclusion, an article claiming that the CRV China epidemic was caused by a meteorite strike in China in October of 2019 agrees somewhat with the evidence that viruses have been coming in from Planet X for thousands of years, but the use of the argument that the numbers of people dying as result of it or any other virus that produces the same symptoms, in 2020, is abnormally high and should be considered an epidemic, in the article, is the machines’ narrative, which is clearly false and illogical and easily shown to be so, through the use of freely available statistics of mortality rate and statistics on the death rate due to the flu, made available by the CDC, for the last 10 years.


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