1772. Earth in complete darkness at the end of the tribulation

According to Mark 13:24-25 the earth will be in complete darkness at the end of the tribulation:

24 “But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; 25 the stars of heaven will fall, and the powers in the heavens will be shaken. 26 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. (Mark 13:24-26)

The Sun as I detailed in previous articles seems to have gone permanently dark by 2001 [Article 1732: The Sun went dark by 2001] and the Sun that is seen in the sky is clearly the product of a sky simulation as evidenced by the many photographs of sun simulators and even the Bible confirms this as we are told in Rev. 8:12 that at the sounding of the fourth trumpet, one third of the Sun will not work so that one third of the day will not shine. If one third of the real sun was struck or not working, it would still fully illuminate the side of the earth facing the Sun, so this is clearly talking of the sky simulation system, which in addition to simulating the Sun also simulates the moon and stars, so that one third of the night will also, at that time, not be working [Article 1769: One third of the day and night not shining].

Figure 1. Two sun simulators in the sky where the spokes on the one appear to be in a similar orientation as the other, suggesting similarities in the two sun simulating devices, but in two different modes of operation, so that the on the right is not nearly as bright as the one on the left and thus most likely simulating the moon, rather than the Sun [Article 1586: Hexagonal sun simulators: in use for thousands of years?]

So one third of the sky will not be operating at the fourth trumpet, but at the end of the tribulation, the whole of the sky will not be working, so that the earth will be in complete darkness. There will be no stars, no moon and no sun. It is, however, likely that a lot of meteors will be streaking through the sky and falling to the earth, as we are told that the stars would be falling, which cannot be referring to real stars. Meteors and meteorites are dead Planet X cores, which are often in pieces. They are highly absorbent of energy in the form of electric plasma or electricity, which causes them, and the sky around them, to light up brightly, as they streak through earth’s skies [Article 1588: Oregon meteorite: meteors are Planet X core remains or Playlist: Meteors and meteorites].

Figure 2. Huge meteorite found in Oregon in 1902. Its rounded outer surface indicates that it is a core and the rounded holes, within it, are sinkholes, the result of the energy absorption it endured from another Planet X planet. Its energy was absorbed until it died, which terminated the gravitational connection with the absorbing core, from a more energy depleted planet [Article 1589: Meteorite reveals: only living cores make gravitational connections].  It is now dead but very dense and highly metallic, which makes it very highly absorbent of electrical energy, when it first enters the earth environment.

Figure 3. Holographic simulation of the moon, malfunctioning. The blue and yellow parts of the projection do not coincide and the image has completely broken apart on the top right (Source: Andrew from the Boogie Man channel).

Figure 4. Screenshots from a video by the YouTube channel cliff481 entitled ‘Planes Flying Through The Moon 2’:  A plane flies in front of the moon so that it interrupts the beam coming from the holographic projector, which must be to the left and above the plane (level with the center of the moon’s projected image) causing the light that is supposed to appear where the moon is, to seem to drape off the plane like melted plastic. The whole image of the moon develops glitches along a line, which is slightly below the plane, which then makes it impossible that it be due to the plane’s engines as the plane is flying in a horizontal position and any disturbance caused by its engines would be in line with it.

Furthermore, recently obtained star charts contain errors, as stars which were in charts from the 1950s are now missing; also stars have been observed in positions where stars have never been seen before such as 4 stars below the Orion constellation which should never have been there [Article 1429:  Four bright stars below Orion: never seen before: sky simulation].

Figure 5. Left: Star chart from the 1950s. Right: Recent star chart where a bright star is missing from inside the boxed region. The only way that a star would have gone missing from a part of the sky is if the sky is a holographic projection and the star was purposely removed from the projection [Article 1379: Stars missing from star chart: Why?].

Figure 6. Photographs from a web camera in Montreux, Switzerland, from 14 January 2018, at 10:00 and 8:20 am, brightened. A shooting star remains frozen in the sky for hours and the Sun never comes up, sunrise does not occur. This event was recorded by at least two other web cameras in this region.  The photographs are clearly different as there are extra stars in the left photograph, which shows that stars can still be seen in the night sky. However, they were seen when the planet should have been facing the Sun and that therefore the Sun is not emitting light and that the night sky is the result of a holographic projection [Article 1732: The Sun went dark by 2001].

The time when Jesus returns is preceded by the 7th last plague, which leads to mountains and islands disappearing, an event that would be made possible by the earth surpassing the level of energy depletion of other Planet X planets, so that surface pieces making up islands and mountains, on earth, that belong to other planets, lift off and end up on the surface of other planets, once again [Article 1723: Earth dramatic end-time event: islands and mountains gone]. So it is to be expected that the earth will reach an unprecedented level of energy depletion, at this time, which would result in no energy flowing from the earth’s core system to power the sky simulation system and produce daylight on its surface, although, this could also be purposely achieved by the Satan AI entity by placing the Planet X planets used to pull energy from the earth’s core, at a higher altitude than that which would draw sufficient energy. This would, in fact, be the way that he achieves nighttime darkness, by placing the planets at a higher altitude so that just enough energy flows to the holographic projectors but not enough to create daylight within the atmosphere. This also seems to be the way that he produces red clouds in the sky, at sunset and sunrise; he causes the Planet X planets to move in much closer to the surface of the earth so that the layer of cloud on their surface comes down to the altitude in the earth’s atmosphere that causes more red energy to be absorbed, which then leads to the cloud emitting red light.

In conclusion, the earth will be in complete darkness and meteors will most likely be falling to the surface, at the time that the tribulation ends and Jesus comes back to the earth, according to Mark 13:24-25, which suggests that the earth’s sky simulation system cease operating at the time.


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