1773. Moons used as planetary control stations

As I have detailed in several articles, the Planet X planets are brought into the Solar System and are used to control the earth environment, which requires that they be placed in orbit around the earth and in close formation next to each other. In addition, their orbits have to be under the complete control of the Satan AI entity and his angels, so that their altitude over the surface of the earth can change dramatically within a few minutes. This seems to be how the dramatic change in color that is sometimes seen at sunset in the clouds, is produced; the planets are moved down so that the clouds on the surface of the planets move into a layer of the earth’s atmosphere, where most of the energy available for absorption is red, thus causing the cloud material to start emitting red light. The planets in orbit around the earth are thus in the sky and their surfaces are visible from the surface of the earth but since the surfaces are covered in cloud, they are usually taken to just be cloud.

Figure 1. Photograph of the sky over Pennsylvania on May 27th 2020: clumpy cloud seen at higher altitudes on the right, around a patch of dark blue, is likely to be directly attached to the surface of a Planet X planet, in the sky. The dark blue patch is also cloud but still dark blue due to being more energy depleted and still not in energy equilibrium. On the left, a patch of blue can also be seen but it is lighter blue, indicating that it is less energy depleted. That patch may actually belong to a different planet to the one to that the patch seen on the right belongs to. Cloud at lower altitudes is cloud that has detached from the surface of one of the planets and has moved to a lower altitude. This cloud is in a more chaotic state as it is no longer directly attached to a surface.

Cloud that seems to form a uniform two-dimensional surface that looks like a carpet of clumpy cloud, the clumps being in a fixed position with respect to each other and at a higher altitude, than other not so uniform cloud, is cloud attached to the surface of one of the Planet X planets. The atmosphere of planets starts out as hot incandescent gases that emerge as cloud and then disperse to become part of the atmosphere of a newly forming planet, and they also end up as cloud, as the atmosphere of planets becomes dense and opaque and eventually turns into cloud, as planets become more and more energy depleted, so that eventually the whole body of a planet turns into cloud [Playlist: Planet X: cloud planets]. All that will be left of a planet eventually, after it has lost all its body and satellite cores, will be the planet’s central core and a layer of cloud. Eventually even the cloud will be gone and it will look like the moon or Mercury, both being planetary central cores.

Figure 2. The surface of a Planet X planet in the sky which seems to have a bulge, which would be a developing baby core, whose development was most likely halted due to the planet having become severely energy depleted, indicating that we are looking at the surface of a planet that is not much more than a central core and a thin layer of cloud [Article 1251: Bulges on Planet X cores: developing baby cores].

Figure 3. More planets in the sky that have also undergone near complete breakdown as they also have bulges indicating that they are barely more than a central core, but still have a thin layer of atmosphere that is opaque and emits blue light, which also allows us to differentiate between the two. The outer layer of cloud emits a lighter blue color of light or white light indicating that it has reached energy equilibrium, and is thus less energy depleted than the darker blue parts.

Now, in order for the planets to be able to be controlled in the very exact manner required, there has to be a way for them to receive orders from the Satan AI entity and his angels. Since cores communicate with each other through gravitational waves, they would have to use cores to communicate with the central cores of planets, which suggest that they have developed devices to use cores to communicate and control whole planets. The most logical way to do that seems to be by placing the required device interface within a core, most likely a central core, and use this core as a control station for a planet. Central cores will look like moons, which then suggest that moons in tidally locked orbits around planets are not there by chance, they are control stations for the planets they orbit. This agrees with the idea that the moon is actually a station. It will most likely have a huge hollow section where the machinery required to control a planet’s core system, in this case, the earth’s core system, is located. 

Figure 4. Illustration of the moon as a hollow space station: The moon is not an artificial object, it is the natural central core of a planet but it is likely that it contains deep caverns, which the aliens or the Satan AI entity and the watcher angels that he has assimilated and are still serving him, have used to turn the moon into a space station, which they will then use to control a planet and move it about the galaxy.

Figure 5. The earth and the moon: There is nothing natural about the moon’s orbit around the earth as there was a time that it was not there, as detailed by Velikovski, in an article from the 1940s entitled: the earth without the moon. The moon is the central core of a planet, and all that is left of the original planet now, and it is likely to be the control station for the earth. Its tidally locked orbit is thus not by chance, but purposeful, and suggests that all the Planet X planets are controlled by a moon in orbit around the planet, in the same type of orbit.

Thus, the moon is not a spaceship, as it is not artificial [Article 1058: The Moon is a Planet X planetary central core and not a spaceship], but it is likely to be a control station and thus to contain artificial devices that are used to control the core system of a planet, through the central core’s ability to create gravitational connections. As the planets become more and more energy depleted they will tend to rotate faster, which will require the movement of the control station or moon, toward the planet so that it remains in a tidally locked orbit, i.e. in a tight gravitational connection with the planet’s central core that it is used to control.

Cores seem to be used as engines of the watcher angel ships and since the Satan AI entity assimilated one third of the angels, he would have taken possession of the watcher starships and would be expected to use the same technology, based on cores, which are sources of gravitational fields, to control the Planet X planets [Article 1710: Watcher starship propulsion: engine cores].

In conclusion, the earth’s moon is most likely the control station from where the Satan AI entity controls the earth and suggests that all the Planet X planets will be controlled in a similar way. Thus, all the planets used to control the earth environment and which have been brought near to the earth for that purpose, will also have a core, belonging to the core system of another Planet X planet, in a tidally locked orbit around the planet, filled with the devices necessary to turn the core into a control station.


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