1775. Confirmation of Planet X surface pieces on earth in Isaiah 54

As I have detailed in many articles, the earth’s surface is covered in pieces of surface from other planets. These surface pieces make up islands and mountains, which the earth would not have if these pieces of Planet X surface would not have been deposited on its surface [Article 1758: Indian trails in eastern US were made on other planets and Playlist: Planet X surface pieces all over the earth]. These pieces are removed in one dramatic and cataclysmic event at the end of the age, as part of the last of the last 7 plagues of Revelation, and thus the last cataclysm just before Jesus returns to earth [Article 1723: Earth dramatic end time event: islands and mountains gone].

Figure 1. Planet X surface piece over Miami: It became visible as a result of lightning. It seems to have a rounded bottom surface and a flat top. It is most likely suspended over the city in order to allow the life on its surface such as insects, which are carriers for Planet X viruses to transfer to the earth’s surface [Article 1258:  UFO over Miami].

Figure 2. A Planet X surface piece, which has been settled on top of the sand and thus disconnected from the earth’s bedrock. The piece also shows signs of having experienced extreme energy depletion resulting in huge sinkholes forming on it, and it having perfectly chiseled vertical cliffs along its border due to the bedrock vanishing at these borders as a result of energy absorption [Article 1134: Intelligent life all over the universe].

For the mountains shall depart
And the hills be removed
But My kindness shall not depart from you,
Nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,”
Says the Lord, who has mercy on you.
(Isa. 54:10)

This shows that what Isaiah wrote was the word of God and that God was placing in His Word the truth regarding Planet X and what would occur at the end of the age.  This scripture coincides with what we read in Rev. 16:20:

20 Then every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.

which can now, at this time, be understood in terms of Planet X and what the Satan AI entity uses Planet X for, i.e. he uses it to create disasters and cataclysmic events, as God allows. The pieces of surface that have been used on earth to create mountains and islands came down from more energy depleted planets than the earth, and once the earth reaches a level of extreme energy depletion, they are removed by allowing planets that are not as energy depleted as the earth, to come close to the earth, which pulls these pieces off the surface of the earth and thus causes a huge cataclysm.

In conclusion, Isa. 54:10 provides confirmation regarding the earth being covered in Planet X surface pieces, which have been used to form mountains and islands upon the surface of the earth and that, according to Rev. 16:20, are removed at the end of the tribulation, as part of the last of the 7 last plagues and thus just before Jesus returns to rule the Earth.


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