1778. Red horse: fake protests and the rapture: 31st May 2020

The protests that are now going on across the US seem to indicate the opening of the second seal [Article 1777: 2nd seal opened: conflict with China and in the cities: the lying narrative] and to coincide with the rapture, which is likely to occur on May 31st 2020 [Article 1765: Rapture not likely until May 31st 2020]. May 31st 2020 was the most likely date obtained from a time lag calculation using my own body as a measuring instrument, which would, however, have a large uncertainty so that it is possible that it will only happen a few days later. The date of May 31st 2020 is of further interest because it coincides with the Day of Pentecost or Shavuot [Article 1767: Rapture on Pentecost: 31st May 2020?]

Figure 1. Protests taking place in cities across the US are a sign that the 2nd seal of Revelation has been opened and the Antichrist is now riding the red horse. This is a time, which would also be expected to coincide with the rapture as this would also be the time when a made up global war begins, and great trouble and confusion begins in earnest, a time that God has stated He would spare the church from going through.

10 Because you have kept [g]My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. (Rev. 3:10)

This time is to try the people alive on the earth, in order to see where they stand where God is concerned. The choice will be simple, accept the mark of the Beast which is the same as being assimilated into the 666 AI entity collective, the head of which is the Antichrist, President Trump, and thus the one riding the red horse and the one who rides all 4 horses eventually, or give up your life, decide that death is preferable to assimilation. We are the watcher angels who were assimilated previously by the Satan AI entity, who thus became his slaves [Playlist: Planet X and the Watchers], and are here to make our choice once again, the wrong choice leads to the lake of fire and the right choice leads to Heaven. However, the church has already made their choice on a daily basis, as they daily walked with God, after giving their lives to Jesus, and will thus be spared making it once again, in the manner required, which is to allow oneself to be killed instead of being assimilated.

As I detailed in Article 1777: 2nd seal opened: conflict with China and in the cities: the lying narrative, the protests are fake, the event that supposedly led up to them was fake. All these events are filmed as if for a movie and then are aired on the news networks as if they were real. The knee pressure on George Floyd’s neck should have blocked blood flow to his brain, within about a minute, or so, resulting in him going unconscious, not continuing to say for the benefit of the cameras that were rolling that he could not breathe for some 8 minutes. A police officer does not behave in the manner that this one did for the benefit of the cameras, they would know that it is not proper procedure and stop if they knew they were being filmed. This was all a farce. However, we can expect the Antichrist to use a lie and fully disclose that it is a lie, in order to do what he wants to do. This is also the way that the Satan AI entity [Playlist: Satan AI entity], works, and we would thus expect his son to do the same; they lie and disclose their lies as lies [Article 1701: President Trump 2nd person of triune Anti-God]. The aim is to get military with guns in the streets; something which the Antichrist has already said is the plan.

Figure 2. President Trump, the Antichrist: the man who made a covenant with many to ‘make America great again’, in 2016, 49 years after the issuing of the command to restore Jerusalem on June 28th 1967, and thus at the beginning of the tribulation according to Dan. 9:24-27 promises to do exactly what he intends to do, in the first place.

Why wouldn’t people cross state lines to protest when they are paid $1000 to do so?

Figure 3. Screenshot from a video by Vincent Rhodes, entitled: Get paid for protesting, from May 30th 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWRuKfx9oJk. The casting of ‘Patriotic Americans’ for 2 days of filming? Filming for the news networks? So that they can show it to the whole world and thus pretend that there are real protests going on?

Yes, this is what it means. This is means that what is shown on the news networks is nothing more than ‘lying TV’, rather than ‘reality TV’, as there is nothing real about it; it is all acting and lying.

So, we have paid protestors in the streets causing chaos, so that the Antichrist can then send in the military, which is what he wanted to do in the first place, after which time people will most likely be ushered into FEMA (extermination) camps to make their choice.

In conclusion, the second seal of Revelation seems to have been opened by Jesus Christ, which thus allows the Antichrist, President Trump to ride the red horse of war, which he is not surprisingly doing so through the use of lies that are openly disclosed as lies.


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