1779. America is Israel: Antichrist is king over Israel

Israel is the name given to a group of people who are the descendants of Jacob, the grandson of Abraham. The nation grew to a large number after Jacob went to live in Egypt and was then brought out by Moses, and taken to the land that is now known as Israel. After the death of Solomon, the 12 tribes of Israel were split into 2 parts, which became known as Judah and Israel. Israel was then removed from the land and became the lost 10 tribes. The 10 lost tribes can however be easily identified because whilst in Egypt the tribes intermarried so that each of the tribes has a small of amount of DNA from the others. Thus the people from the 10 tribes will have some DNA from the Judah tribe, who is clearly identified in modern times due to them not intermarrying with other races. Hence, the lost 10 tribes can be identified by having a small amount of Jewish ancestry. This leads to the conclusion that Israel is to be found all over the world, but seem to be especially present in large numbers in English speaking countries, Western Europe and Scandinavia. The country with the largest number of people that come from these areas is the United States, who also contains a large number of Jewish people and thus most likely contains the largest population of people descendant from Jacob, which would make it modern-day Israel [Article 1663: The Lost 10 Tribes of Israel found].  

Figure 1. Left: President Trump: the Antichrist and thus the 666 AI entity who like his father the Satan AI entity lies and discloses these lies as lies, talks at the occasion of the Space X launch on May 30th 2020, which cannot be anything but fake just like all the NASA missions which are fake and openly disclosed as such [Playlist: A world based on lies]. Right: Elon Musk poses next to one of his SpaceX spacecraft which is clearly only a prop like all NASA spacecraft as the door lacks any locking mechanism [Article 1615: Elon Musk and the fake SpaceX rockets]. What will the Antichrist be saying with the fake launch and talking about the brilliant future in space? He is a liar and would thus be planning the very opposite, most likely the use of rockets with nuclear war heads with which China supposedly attacks the US in order to start his made up global war.

Since the US seems to contain the largest number of people in the world who seem to be descendants of Israel, the USA seems to be Israel, and thus, it should therefore not be surprising that it is over the US that the Antichrist is ruling. People have thought for years that the Antichrist would rule from the land of Israel, never realizing that he would instead rule over the largest number of people descendant from Israel. The US seems to also be the country that is most affected by the Antichrist’s lies, his first being about the 666 virus epidemic, his crown, which he used in his conquering as he rode the white horse. He is now riding the red horse, which seems to also, at this time, be mainly affecting the US [Article 1777: 2nd seal opened: conflict with China and in the cities: the lying narrative]. This too should not be surprising as the tribulation is called the time of Jacob’s trouble and since the US seems to be Jacob, we would expect this nation to be the most affected by these events.

In conclusion, America seems to have the largest population of the descendants of Jacob, and thus to be Israel and, therefore, the Antichrist, President Trump, is ruling over Israel, but the Israel that includes all 12 tribes, not just Judah.  


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