1781. Sun halo in Mexico: rainbow projection technology to hide Planet X

Figure 1 below shows some screenshots from a video sent to me by Randy, from Playa del Carmen in Mexico, taken on May 30th 2020, of a double sun halo in the sky. This is a double sun halo, which looks like a rainbow but with the colors reversed as in real rainbows the red color is always on the outside of the arc, and here it is on the inside for both arcs, which suggests that this is the result of a holographic projection and thus the product of the same technology that produces rainbows, in the earth’s atmosphere. These rainbows are only semi-transparent on the inside of the arc, which then explains why the inside part of sun halos is darker than the outside.

Figure 1. A sun halo in the sky over Playa del Carmen in Mexico, on May 30th 2020: The rainbow colors and the darker coloring on the inside of each arc suggest that the same technology that produces fake rainbows in the earth’s atmosphere is being used here. The light source in the middle is bright blue and a sun simulator, as the real Sun is yellow and perfectly spherical. The cloud pattern suggests that the halo is an effort to hide a Planet X core in the sky that has a cloud envelope that creates the light blue pattern onto a darker blue background, observed.

Sun halos, as I have shown in previous articles, have been in use since at least the 16th century and appear to be an effort by the aliens or the Satan AI entity and his angels to hide Planet X cores in earth’s skies [Article 1390:  Sun halos: sophisticated computer system operating sky deception in 1500s].

Figure 2. Image showing a painting from 1535 when several Sun halos, of different sizes, appeared in the sky: These appear also be the product of a projection system but the central sun simulator is missing and they do not seem to have the rainbow effect that is commonly seen nowadays.

Figure 3. The red color always appears on the outside of the rainbow arc because red light always undergoes less refraction than blue light. It is impossible to get a rainbow with the colors in reverse unless it is actually a projection, i.e. not a real rainbow.

Figure 4. A rainbow in the sky:  its semitransparent central region is an immediate giveaway as to it being a holographic projection as no natural rainbow would have it. The rainbow is also clearly not centered on the observer, as the camera is on the left of the rainbow in both shots, showing its boundary, which also shows that it is a projection and thus centered on the projector, and not the observer. The rainbow colors are reversed in the fainter rainbow, which makes it impossible that it is a real rainbow as well [Article 1298: Double rainbow holographic projection].

Figure 5. The Sun halo over Playa del Carmen looks like a double rainbow but red is on the inside in both arcs and thus can only be the product of a projection. The size of the halo rings is most likely determined by the size of the object it is hiding, i.e. the outer ring coincides with the outer edge of the object. The inner ring is there to distract the eye from noticing the curious cloud pattern on the surface of the object.

Figure 6. Planet X cores in the earth’s atmosphere. The sun halo projection technology is most likely used when the presence of these objects give rise to large spherical shapes in the sky, the halo circles distracting the human eye from perceiving the outline of the large spherical object.

In conclusion, the same holographic projection technology used to produce fake double rainbows, in the earth’s atmosphere, is also being used to produce sun halos in order to hide Planet X from observers, on the surface of the earth.


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