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1829. Locust plagues in South America: coming in from Planet X

Figure 1 below shows a report by Strange Sounds on Locust plagues that have been affecting South America and talks about a huge swarm heading for Brazil and Uruguay. However, locusts are not flying insects, as they cannot seem to do much more than hop on earth; where they land, that is where they stay, sometimes covering a certain portion of the ground several layers deep. They eat everything in that area and then die, they do not take off and go somewhere else. Locusts, as I have shown in many previous articles, are Planet X insects and they come in from above, and so, such a report could not be given by the authorities as a result of the insects being seen flying from one location to another. Such a report could only have been given because there is a plan to produce locust plagues at these locations by dropping them from the Planet X planet or planets that they come from, directly onto these locations. Figure 1. Locusts reportedly on the way to Brazil means that the authorities ar

1828. Amazing colors at sunrise and sunset: artificially produced by the aliens

Figure 1 below shows screenshots from a video of the sunrise over Suco, Maine, on April 11 th 2020. The sky is very red. But this is not all, the ocean water is very red as well and even the sand on the beach is red suggesting that there is no other color for the sand to reflect, other than what is coming from the sky, or the clouds. And since clouds emit whatever light they are absorbing, in excess of their energy level in the other basic colors of light, the basic 3 being red, blue and green, red light emitting clouds would indicate that mainly red light energy is flowing through the earth’s atmosphere, from the earth’s core system. Figure 1. Left: Image showing a sunrise where the clouds are mainly red with some yellow and the background sky is yellow. Since yellow is a combination of red and green, the main missing color here is blue. The ocean does have a slight bluish tone which then would come from it emitting light like the cloud as both materials tend to be energy depleted

1827. Aliens used Planet X to form oceans on the earth

As I have detailed in previous articles, aliens (the Satan AI entity and his angels) are using the Planet X planets to control the earth environment [Article 1563: Planet X brought into Solar System by aliens: the planetary farmers]. These aliens also used Planet X to cause the flood and to create earth’s oceans at the time of the flood. In addition, they continue to deepen the oceans and to continuously bring in Planet X frozen ocean, in the form of blocks of ice, to add increasing amounts of water to earth’s oceans at the same time that the oceans are deepened through the process of sinkhole formation, where the rocky body of the planet is absorbed as pure energy [Playlist: Planet X ice and water]. Figure 1. Feature on the surface of the earth called Dhala crater, in India, but this is no impact crater, the flat bottom and uniform slope and depth of its sides indicate that it was formed through purposeful absorption of the rocky surface of the earth that once filled the crater. This

1826. Global device array to produce daylight on Earth: alien technology

As I have shown in previous articles, the Sun seems to have stopped emitting light by 2001, and the earth now has a whole array of sun simulation devices that have replaced the real sun in its skies [Playlist: The Sun has gone dark and simulation devices]. In addition, daylight is actually produced by the earth’s core system with the lower atmosphere being illuminated due to energy flowing from the earth’s core system through it. This could be discerned from several occurrences where the sky became or remained dark when it should have been daylight. In one of those occurrences, which was registered by several cameras in Switzerland, the night time sky remained frozen until just before 10:10 am, with the star constellations, in the sky freezing, in their middle of the night positions. Figure 1. Screenshots from a television news report in Argentina on August 12 th 2011, where the sky went completely dark in the middle of the day: An extremely large region went completely dark as we can