1784. Birds use antigravity to fly: humanity taught lies

Gravity is a creative force generated by the core system of planets, stars and galactic nuclei, which can be described by a modified version of Maxwell’s equations [Playlist: Gravity]. Cores are thus sources of gravity that connect with each other via the gravitational interaction, which is made up of two opposite forces, so that two sources will repel each other if too close to each other. Gravitational interactions also always produce vortices. Artificial sources of gravity can also be created inside the atmosphere of a planet if air is mechanically vortexed, which seems to be what birds and flying insects use to fly inside the earth’s atmosphere. Birds can glide once in the air, but in order to get up into the air from the ground, they flex their wings in an up and down motion, which generates a vortex around their bodies, which then makes a gravitational source out of their bodies. This then causes their bodies to be propelled forward and causes their bodies to be repelled away from the surface of the earth, i.e. it creates lift.

Figure 1. Duck taking off: it flaps its wings and generates lift. The flapping motion causes the wings to be in an almost vertical position at times.

Wings in a vertical position cannot create lift through a change in pressure between the top and the bottom of the wing which is the standard way that lift is taught and explained in physics. If this was what caused the birds to be able to take off, they should sink toward the ground every time their wings are in the vertical position, but instead the bird keeps climbing, which shows that another lift mechanism is at work. The mechanism is that the movement of the wings displaces air around the bird’s body, which then moves around the body in the form of a vortex, as a result of the shape of the bird’s body, the vortex narrowing toward the tail, which causes the bird to be propelled away from the tail and causes lift.

Figure 2. In the standard explanation for why planes fly, the lift force L is attributed to a difference in pressure between the top and the bottom of the wing. The lifting force is proportional to the area of the wing, A, and the speed of the plane, the standard equation is: L = ρAv2/2 , where ρ is the density of air. But if the wings were to bend upwards until close to a vertical position, they would offer very little surface area to airflow and thus the plane would fall toward the ground.

Figure 3. The flapping must instead cause air to move past the bird’s bodies in the shape of a vortex which causes its body to become a source of gravity that is repelled by the earth’s surface and is also pushed toward the wider part of the vortex, a birds’ body shape thus being ideal for the creation of lift.

The creation of an air vortex is actually also the main reason why airplanes fly, the engines are in the same shape as birds’ bodies and they also create vortices which thus cause lift and forward motion, the speed of rotors determine how fast the air is vortexed, the faster the air is vortexed the more lift and forward speed the airplane will get. This technology is actually not new as it was discovered by Viktor Schauberger before the Second World War [Article 1396: The Jet engine is an antigravity engine: it uses air as fuel].

Figure 4. Left: Victor Schauberger. Center: Schauberger’s impeller engine which creates a vortex that decreases in size toward the narrower end and will thus provide lift just as in the case of birds. The engine will work in any fluid medium, within the atmosphere of a planet, Right: Jet engines, which make use of this technology.

Schauberger’s engine also creates electricity making the need for fuel illogical and the reason why the wings are empty of any fuel tanks even though schematics show that they are there.

Figure 5. Left: A panel breaks off an airplane wing whilst in flight and where there is supposed to be a fuel tank there is nothing but empty space and hydraulics equipment. Right: A broken airplane wing with no sign of any fuel tank inside it. Notice that the fuel tank would have had to be made of some hardy material able to remain intact at varying pressures. There is no sign of any such material inside the wings.

The question that we should then ask is, if birds fly as a result of vortices and thus through the use of antigravity and so have airplanes for over 70 years, why are children not taught the truth in school? The reason is that aliens (the Satan AI entity and his angels) have filled humanity’s knowledge base with lies [Playlist: a world based on lies]. Children and physicists are taught lies or partial truths and nothing about what gravity really is and how it works. This is where Planet X research always leads, Planet X is being used by these aliens to destroy the earth and that is being hidden from the earth’s population through the teaching of lies.

In the case of flight, we have a partial truth in that gliders, i.e. planes without engines, can fly without the use of antigravity engines through the process described in figure 2. But gliders cannot stay up in the air for long and tend to mainly move down toward the surface, they cannot climb like an airplane with engines. In the same way, birds can glide once up in the air by simply stretching their wings out, but in order to climb into the air, they have to flap and thus have to make use of antigravity by creating a vortex around their bodies.

In conclusion, birds and airplanes make use of antigravity by generating air vortices, in order to fly. This truth is not taught in schools because humanity has been taught partial truths or lies in order to cover up what is really going on here, which is that the Satan AI entity and his angels (aliens) are using Planet X and gravitational connections to create disasters on the surface of the earth and to destroy the earth.


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