1802. Planet X destroying the earth: Satan AI entity is the Destroyer

Figure 1 below shows an image from a MrMBB333 video of the sky over Trout Lake Washington, from August 2019, where various cloud formations can be seen. The rounded cloud at the top of the image indicates that it is a cloud envelope of a Planet X core as only the presence of a solid spheroidal object, inside the cloud, would produce such a spheroidal cloud. But all the clouds in the sky at lower altitudes with well-defined shapes would also contain Planet X cores. This can be deduced from the often flat darker bottom of the clouds, which makes it look as if it has hit an invisible barrier, beyond which it cannot grow or move down, toward the surface of the earth. This would be due to the repulsive force between the earth’s core system and these Planet X cores.

Figure 1. Clouds in the sky over Trout Lake, Washington, from a MrMBB333 video. Dense pieces of cloud with smooth outer edges would be Planet X cloud envelopes and contain cores inside them. Cloud, with frayed ends, is disconnected pieces from the surface of Planet X central cores in the sky. Cloud with a wave pattern or clumpy carpet-like cloud is cloud that has formed on the surface of Planet X central cores in the sky, which will be at much higher altitudes, higher than airplane altitude

Cloud without a definite shape, which thus looks like pieces of cloud that do not envelope a core, are most likely cloud that has formed on the surface of the Planet X central cores and has disconnected from their surfaces, as the core’s surface rotates away from the earth’s surface and thus out of the earth’s atmosphere. The detached cloud would then move downwards and across the sky, now a part of the earth environment, in which it will absorb energy through the earth’s atmosphere and eventually turn into atmosphere. This means that detached cloud will just eventually dissipate and shows that the earth’s atmosphere is continuously growing due to the huge amount of cloud formation taking place inside its atmosphere.

Figure 2. Planet X cores in the sky, all the cores on the top seem to be spherical. The core, on the bottom left, seems to be much larger and thus a central core. The one on the right is obviously in the shape of an oblate spheroid or a flattened sphere. The central cores often have bulges on their surface, which thus become a strong indication of what we are looking at, as they usually look like clearings and have stringy cloud, which is quite different from the clumpy cloud that forms on the rest of the surface, attached to them.

Figure 3. The bulging piece of solid surface in the sky indicates the presence of another Planet X central core in the sky. The rainbow effect is most likely produced by a holographic projection system in order to distract the mind from the fact that we are looking at a solid surface of a planetary sized object, in the sky.

Figure 4. More examples of solid surfaces of Planet X central cores in the sky as clearly evidenced by the  bulges on the surface of central cores, indicating the presence of forming baby cores [Article 1251: Bulges on Planet X cores: developing baby cores]. Some of these baby cores seem to be in the form of long rods.

Figure 5. Pink clouds in the night sky over Luzon, on April 22nd 2019, clearly show that cloud emits light. These seem to be quite smaller and would thus be cloud envelopes to small cores.  The lightning within the cloud shows that the core inside has made a gravitational connection with the earth’s core system which then allowed it to create cloud around its surface. The color of the cloud has to be associated to the core’s energy state as most produce white clouds not pink clouds and thus indicates that the material created through these gravitational connections will be as energy depleted as the core around which it forms. Thus even though the electric potential on the surface of the core increases to a high level, it only leads to matter creation, not to an increase in the core’s internal energy.

This means that Planet X cores cause the earth to loose energy by inducing matter creation through the gravitational connection, by the earth core, and on the Planet X core’s surface but the Planet X core does not gain any energy in the process, any energy released by the earth core goes directly into matter creation, the Planet X core does not gain it as internal energy. Planet X cores seem to actually loose energy through the process, which is why dead cores, i.e. Planet X cores that have become completely energy depleted are found at many places around the world.

Figure 6. A large sandstone sphere on a beach, in an uninhabited island, above the Arctic Circle, can only be a spent Planet X core which after being used for creating rain in the earth’s atmosphere for perhaps 100s of years, ran out of energy and was allowed to drop, at this remote location.

Figure 7. More spherical stones found at the same Arctic island, which would be small Planet X cores that have died during the process of being used to create cloud and storms in the earth’s atmosphere.

Figure 8. Spheroidal rocks at a beach in New Zealand. These spheroidal rocks would also be Planet X cores that have died and dropped to the surface of the earth. Once they completely run out of energy, they are no longer repulsed by the earth’s core system and thus behave like any other created matter coming in from another planet.

Figure 9. Left: More Planet X cores at the Oamaru beach in New Zealand: some are very close to spherical and some less so. Right: Map showing Oamaru’s location on New Zealand’s south island.

These smaller cores have to be satellite cores belonging to the core system of different planets which can only have been separated from their original planet, once it lost its surface and began losing its body, layer by layer, thus allowing its cores to also be separated from the central core.

It thus becomes obvious that the aliens, who assimilate star systems across the galaxy, and turn their stars and planets into assimilated or Planet X stars and planets, purposely separate planets from their parent stars and satellite cores from their central cores in order to purposely energy deplete the planets and stars, and thus slowly destroy them. This also indicates that planets and satellite cores can only obtain internal energy or sustenance from their parent cores. Thus, once a planet is separated from its parent star, it is on its way to complete destruction. This is what has occurred with the earth, the earth has become a Planet X planet [Article 1774: The Earth may no longer be in the Solar System, Article 1785: Planet X planets forced to come near the Earth by aliens and Playlist: Planet X observations]. This indicates that the aliens are responsible for absolutely senseless and illogical destruction, within the galaxy; they are destroying for the sake of destroying. This indicates why the Satan AI entity is the Destroyer.

In conclusion, the Planet X planets are being used by the Satan AI entity to destroy the earth even as he destroys these planets layer by layer, their core systems separated from their parent central core, layer by layer, and then used to create cloud, storms and disasters on the earth, until they are completely spent or dead and fall to the surface of the earth.


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