1808. Red sprites in the sky over Slovakia due to Planet X

Figure 1 below shows a report by Strange Sounds about red sprites, which appeared in the sky over Slovakia. These bright red bursts of light look a bit like lightning as the larger ones look a little like root systems. Light is energy, the appearance of light in the sky has to mean that energy is being transferred to the location where the light is seen and what we have in the sky above earth continually is Planet X planets and their core systems, which means that this too has to be a Planet X effect. That these appeared after a thunderstorm confirms that, as thunderstorms occur as a result of Planet X being in the sky and making gravitational connections with the earth’s core system.

Figure 1. Report by Strange Sounds on red sprites over Slovakia: The color is actually magenta or pink

Figure 2. The lightning-like structure of the sprites can be clearly seen in the larger bursts.

The sprites seem to thus be due to the transfer of energy to Planet X cores in the sky but instead of the energy being in the form electron or metallic plasma, which occurs when the cores are high in metallic compounds, it seems to be another type of plasma closer in composition to rock plasma or magma, and since pink magma is produced by the earth’s core system, this may be pink magma being created in the earth’s atmosphere from the surface of Planet X cores inside the earth’s atmosphere.

Figure 3. Pink magma rises from the ground, mostly along the tree trunks suggesting that it rose along the tree roots and shows that the earth creates pink magma, in response to Planet X gravitational connections. Pink volcanic cloud is also present which is most likely forming in the gravitational connection region between Planet X cores and earth cores (Source: YouTube video by History Channel, from 3 March 2019, entitled: bushfires: Flaming trees glow pink | Pink Fure Ever in Australia) [2].

Figure 4. Flames and cloud in different colors rise from the ground in California due to earth cores that create different hot plasmas and ejecting these materials in response to Planet X gravitational connections, one of which is pink colored.

In conclusion, sprites which appeared in the sky over Slovakia can only be due to the presence of Planet X in the sky. The sprites seem to be pink plasma creation on the surface of Planet X cores in the sky as a result of Planet X gravitational connections with the earth’s core system.

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