1809. Crater Lake in India turns blood red: a sign of the times

Figure 1 below shows a report by Strange Sounds on a lake in India that turned blood red overnight. The turning of waters to blood red seems to be on the increase throughout the planet, an indication of the time we are living in as we read in Revelation that  the ocean and river waters throughout this planet will turn blood red before the end of the age [Playlist: Tribulation events]. Red water, as I have shown in previous articles, is toxic to life as it absorbs life energy. This water is brought in as blocks of ice from the Planet X planets by the aliens (the Satan AI entity and his remaining angels) and water that turns red once inside the earth’s atmosphere would have been least energy depleted in red energy and thus come from a planet where its oceans would have turned red before turning black and freezing solid, as a result of severe energy depletion [Playlist: Planet X ice and water and Playlist: Blood red rivers and oceans].

Figure 1. Strange Sounds tweet about Lonar Crater in India on June 13th 2020.

The Crater is referred to as an impact crater but it is impossible for an impact to create a perfectly circular crater, so this circular hole has to be a sinkhole, the result of the ground being absorbed as energy by the core system of another planet, which results in the ground vanishing [Playlist: Sinkholes].

Figure 2. An impact crater cannot be expected to be circular in shape unless the impacting object comes in at an angle of 90o, as shown at the bottom, and since no impacting objects are likely to come in at that angle, it is impossible that circular craters are due to impacts, they are sinkholes, formed as a result of gravitational connections between planets. The ground in the least energy depleted is converted to pure energy so that it vanishes and the energy is transferred to the other planet which it uses to convert to matter [Playlist: Sinkholes].

Figure 3. Image of the crater showing that it is very close to circular not elliptical, as would be expected of an impact crater, and the sides have the same gradient all around which would also be impossible in the case of an impact crater.

The crater in the above photograph seems to contain very opaque green water, the opaqueness showing that it is energy depleted water and thus that the lake is fed by Planet X ice. Green water is least energy depleted in green energy and more in blue and red.

Figure 4. Ice and water that has melted from it emitting different colors of light due to being energy depleted Planet X frozen ocean or ice [Playlist: Planet X ice and water].

Figure 5. Black icebergs and a black rectangular piece of ice can be seen floating just beyond the white ice on the left of the image. The ice under the white surface is still red and has melted into blood red water [Article 1534: Earth is a dead planet like Planet X: light to heat reaction is irreversible].

Figure 6. Black rocks suspended in the atmosphere which appear to be mostly black and white at the edges suggests that these are black ice that is starting to turn white, i.e. these seem to be icebergs or Planet X frozen ocean on the way to the surface of the earth from a Planet X planet [Playlist: Planet X ice and water].

Figure 7. Photograph of the lake in India before it turned red.

Figure 8. Photograph of the lake after it turned red. The fact that this occurred overnight shows that the lake is replenished with new Planet X ice during the night and that it obviously received a large amount of it at once.

In conclusion, a crater lake, which is clearly a very large sinkhole, not an impact crater, in India, turned blood red overnight indicating that Planet X frozen ocean from a planet whose oceans would have once been red was dropped into it overnight.


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