1812. Humming sound from the sky in San Francisco due to Planet X

A humming noise has recently been heard by residents of San Francisco, which has left them baffled due to it not having any apparent explanation, as reported by Strange Sounds, on June 14th 2020. However, any sounds coming from the sky such as trumpet like sounds, loud booming sounds and humming sounds are extremely likely to be due to Planet X being in earth’s skies. Planet X makes gravitational connections with the earth’s core system, which results in standing density waves being set up within the earth’s atmosphere, which can often be of the right frequency to be picked up as sound waves by the human ear.

Figure 1. Report by Strange Sounds about a humming sound heard by residents in San Francisco, which would be the result of Planet X gravitational waves.

Both sound waves and gravitational waves generate density waves or fluctuations in the density of materials, specifically in the density of air. Sound waves are generated by disturbances at a certain point, which causes density fluctuations to travel from the point of the disturbance. These density waves decay or die down quickly, as we move away from the point of the disturbance, and cannot usually affect denser material, so that walls stop the waves. But density waves generated by a gravity source do not decay, the density is set up across all different media, in the vicinity of the gravity source, including dense walls so that the waves seem to penetrate through walls, and if they are of the right frequency will be picked up as sound by the human ear.

Figure 2. A sound wave traveling through air produces alternative regions of denser and rarefied air.

Figure 3. Gravitational connection between a Planet X core or Stellar Core (SC), which is the name I initially came up for the objects, within the earth’s atmosphere, and the earth’s surface, produces regions of higher and lesser density, which can be picked up as a traveling sound wave due to fluctuations in the field, which will occur because a vortex forms in the central region.

Figure 4. A normal sound wave will not be able to penetrate a sound proof wall, but a density wave created by a gravitational source will, as the air is responding to the local gravity. Even the wall will adopt different density configurations as the gravitational interference passes [Article 739: Loud sounds heard all over the world: Planet X gravitational effects].

Figure 5. Planet X in earth’s atmosphere. The object on the left is obviously spherical and inside a large cloud envelope. The one the right is giving rise to a solid surface in earth’s skies, which is covered in cloud that emits blue, grey or pink light [Article 1802: Planet X destroying the earth: Satan AI entity is the Destroyer].

In conclusion, loud sounds such as humming sounds coming from the sky are most likely due to Planet X, which are continuously in earth’s skies and which produce gravitational connections leading to density fluctuations in the earth’s atmosphere, which can be picked up, if of the right frequency, as sound waves by the human ear.


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