1813. Creating matter with sound waves

When airplanes pass through the sound barrier cloud appears along the closing wavefronts, which suggests that the correct frequency density wave is reached at this point for cloud, which is atmosphere, to be created. The earth’s atmosphere is connected to the earth’s core system because it was created by it and thus the energy would come from the earth’s core system leading to more of the same matter or atmosphere to be created at that point, which appears in the form of cloud.

Figure 1. Cloud forms at several locations with respect to the plane, with the overall shape of the sound wavefront that accompanies the airplane because it is travelling at the speed of sound.

Figure 2. As airplanes accelerate toward the speed of sound, the sound wavefronts, i.e. air density wavefronts, come closer together until they completely overlap as the plane reaches the speed of sound.

At the time that the airplane reaches the speed of sound the space between the wavefronts reaches zero, in other words the wavelength, l, becomes zero and thus frequency, f, which is given by: f = v/l, where v is the speed of sound, becomes infinite. Since the cloud seems to start forming sometime before the sonic boom occurs, the cloud formation seems to be associated with a high but not infinite frequency in the density wave moving with the airplane.

Figure 3. Cloud forming along the density wavefront as an aircraft moves toward the speed of sound. Newly formed atmosphere or cloud emerges or is created by the earth’s core system. The cloud starts out dark blue just like cloud that forms on the surface of the Planet X cores.

This shows that matter creation by a planet’s core system is driven by density waves or gravity as gravity affects the density of matter and gravitational waves create interference density patterns [Article 1812: Humming sound from the sky in San Francisco due to Planet X] and since sound waves are also density waves, matter creation can be induced through the use of sound.

Figure 4. Coral Castle or Rock Gate Park established in 1936, in Miami, Florida, built by Edward Leedskalnin, who was barely 5 feet tall and only weighted 100 pounds, without any modern tools. He obviously had knowledge of a way to use the earth’s core system to cause rock to materialize with the required shapes, which the creation of cloud or new atmosphere suggests is sound waves [Article 1361: How the pyramids were really built: materializing rock out of thin air].

Figure 5. Metal tools that seem to have been immersed within rock: The rock has actually grown inside the metal tools or around the tools, indicating that these tools were used in the building of buildings through the creation of rock. The tools were used to shape the rocks that were being grown to build the buildings. There would be another accompanying instrument which would generate the sound waves of the correct frequency (Source: YouTube Video by newearth, 9 December 2019: Yet Another Metal Object Inside a Stone Found in the Baltic Region).

The earth is filled with beautiful buildings in the neoclassical style, also known as Tartarian architecture, which do not seem to have been built on earth but on another planet. The planet’s surface pieces having been placed on the earth’s surface. These buildings can be identified by the spires on the roof tops, many have domed roofs.

Figure 6. Tartarian architecture in the USA: The spires may be associated to wireless communication or the actual production of the sound waves to build the structure [Article 1612: The Tartarian Empire was not on Earth: Planet X buildings].

Figure 7. A piece of Planet X surface is observed from an airplane within a cloud, its domed structures and stepped design indicates that these are examples of neoclassical or Tartarian architecture coming in from above and thus from the surface of the planet where the buildings were built using the core system of that planet.

The fact that cloud can be created through density waves generated by sound shows that matter is the result of aether, the medium through which light moves in the universe, being in a standing wave pattern, or in a stationary state of vibration. The propagation of light requires a medium, as light is a longitudinal wave and thus like sound. However sound is waves travelling through matter, the medium is thus aether already in a vibrational state that manifests as physical matter. That light is a longitudinal wave can be seen from the fact that the amplitude of the wave or its energy is proportional to the frequency as in sound [Article 1285: How could physicists have missed this? Light is a sound wave: the aether]. Energy is obtained from the amplitude of a wave and the amplitude of a transverse wave cannot be dependent on its frequency, so light cannot be a transverse wave.

Figure 8. A wave on a string is an example of a 1 dimensional transverse wave. The frequency of the wave comes from how fast the hand repeats the up and down motion, which does not affect the height (amplitude) of each crest. It is possible to move the hand very high thus producing a high amplitude but bring it down slowly producing a low frequency, or very fast, producing a high-frequency wave, thus showing that the two have to be independent, the amplitude and thus the energy has to be independent of the frequency, thus showing that light cannot be a transverse wave.

The growth of material such as rock through the use of a planet’s core system would require that we have a small piece of material created by the planet’s core system, which can then be made to grow by the application of the correct frequency. As the earth’s surface is covered with pieces of other planets and thus bedrock not created by or connected to the earth’s core system, this cannot be just any rock from anywhere on earth.

The creation of cloud within the earth’s atmosphere around an airplane approaching the speed of sound suggests that the cloud envelopes that grow on the surface of the Planet X cores once they enter the earth’s atmosphere do so because the cores must produce the right density waves on their surfaces and suggests that the cores communicate through these density waves, which then also explains why they can sometimes create sounds in the earth’s atmosphere which are picked up by the human ear as trumpet sounds, scraping metal type of sounds, or humming sounds.

Figure 9. Planet X cores covered in cloud envelopes that would have formed as a result of the gravitational field they produce that then generates density standing waves around the objects, which then cause the atmosphere around them to grow and form new atmosphere in the form of cloud.

The fact that cloud forms around an airplane also suggests that cloud has a low energy requirement for its creation by the earth’s core system and most Planet X cores have sufficient internal energy to be able to produce the required density wave.

In conclusion, the creation of cloud around aircraft as they approach the speed of sound suggests that matter creation can be induced through sound waves and that Planet X cores develop cloud envelopes inside the earth’s atmosphere through the production of standing sound or density waves around them.


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