1814. Planet X in the sky: gravity creates cloud

As I have shown in Article 1813, cloud is created on the surface of Planet X cores in the earth’s atmosphere as a result of their gravitational fields, which establish a standing density wave around the objects. This standing wave pattern causes the air in the atmosphere to adopt a certain density in the region around the object, which varies between high and low and is thus much like the sound wave created by airplane approaching the speed of sound [Article 1813: Creating matter with sound waves]. The density wave has slight differences in frequency across the surface, which causes the color of the cloud to change from blue to white. Any part of the surface not covered by cloud would not be covered because the gravitational field over that portion of surface is too low to allow the creation of cloud.

Figure 1. Cloud forming along the density wavefront as an aircraft moves toward the speed of sound. Newly formed atmosphere or cloud emerges or is created by the earth’s core system in response to the density wave frequency created. We would expect the frequency of the density wave to be highest closer to the aircraft where the cloud is whiter and to be lowest further away from it where the cloud tends to be bluer, which suggests that blue cloud is produced on parts of the surface where gravity is weaker.

Figure 2. Left: A Planet X core in the sky with a dark blue cloud envelope indicating that the core is producing a weaker gravitational field than one that has a white cloud envelope. Right: The hole on the Planet X core’s cloud envelope indicates that it is not producing a strong enough gravitational field over this part of its surface to cause cloud to form.

Figure 3. Planet X central cores creating solid surfaces in the sky: the clearings are actually bulges, which usually have stringy cloud attached [Article 1802: Planet X destroying the earth: Satan AI entity is the Destroyer]. The blue portions are covered in blue cloud and indicating a weaker gravitational field at these locations. It is to be expected that the bulges since they are developing baby cores would give rise to a weaker gravitational field and thus be blue cloud. But the white stringy cloud would indicate a field over the region which is further away from the surface and in the shape of the cloud that forms as a result.

Figure 4. Photograph of the sky over Daytona Florida, on October 15th 2019, sent in by Deborah: The cloud at higher altitude has clearly formed over the surface of a Planet X central core thus creating a huge solid surface covered in clumpy cloud across the sky. The clumps indicate the actual shape of the field, which causes white cloud to be created where the field is strongest.  The clouds at lower altitude seem to have flat bottoms and to grow upwards toward the top surface indicating that the gravitational field is strongest on the top part and would thus contain satellite cores that are still gravitationally connected to the central core above them.

Thus clouds that seem to grow upwards, away from the surface of the earth, do so because they contain satellite cores that are still gravitationally connected to their planet’s central core, which then produces a stronger gravitational field on the top part of the satellite cores.

In conclusion, gravity is the creative force that through the production of standing density wave patterns around the surface of Planet X cores causes the creation of cloud. Variations in the strength of the gravitational field lead to cloud forming in different colors, at different locations. Clouds in the sky that seem to grow upwards contain Planet X satellite cores still connected to their central core, above them.


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