1816. Cloud forming due to a drop in pressure: illogical

In Article 1813, I detailed how cloud forms when an airplane approaches the speed of sound due to the greatly increased frequency of the density wave, which then causes the earth’s core system to create new atmosphere or cloud, at the location, which then shows why Planet X cores have cloud envelops, why certain parts of these cloud envelopes are white and others blue and even why Planet X satellite cores. in the earth’s atmosphere, have cloud envelopes that grow upwards [Article 1813: Creating matter with sound waves and Article 1814: Planet X in the sky: gravity creates cloud]. However, the official explanation is that low pressure causes the water vapor in the earth’s atmosphere to cool so that it condenses, which is completely illogical, as I will show.

Figure 1. Cloud covering what are obviously solid surfaces in the earth’s atmosphere; created by the presence of Planet X within the earth’s atmosphere.

Figure 2. Cloud forming along the density wavefront as an aircraft moves toward the speed of sound. Newly formed atmosphere or cloud emerges or is created by the earth’s core system. Cloud forms due to the extremely high frequency density wave remaining stationary, with respect to the source of the sound, thus creating a high energy or amplitude stationary density wave around the aircraft, which is similar to what a source of gravity (a core) creates around itself.

If cloud was forming at the points of low pressure, then there would be a high pressure where cloud is not forming, thus suggesting that the sound wavefront has a wavelength of at least 20 m (60 feet), as this is the distance between alternating low pressures, the distance between the airplane and outer cloud ring being no less than the length of a fighter jet, which tends to be at least 60 feet in length.

However, the frequency of sound produced by an airplane’s engine is usually around 3500 Hz, which means that the wavelength, when the airplane is stationary, would be

                l = v/f = (440 m/s)/(3500 Hz) = 0.126 m = 5 inches

which is much smaller than the 60 feet observed in the above image. This would mean that there would be many regions of high and low pressure across the distance that cloud is forming or between the center cloud and the outer ring cloud. Therefore it is impossible for cloud to be forming only where there is a low pressure. In addition, the wavelength will have decreased to almost zero as the airplane reaches the speed of sound, so that the alternating regions of high and low pressure become extremely small.

Figure 5. As airplanes accelerate toward the speed of sound, the sound wavefronts, i.e. air density wavefronts (alternative regions of high and low density), come closer together, until they completely overlap as the plane reaches the speed of sound.

This would then mean that cloud is forming in regions of high and low pressure making the explanation that cloud forms due to a pressure drop illogical. Cloud is forming due to increased frequency which results in increased energy, since energy is dependent on the frequency of a density wave.

In addition, cloud in the form of condensed water cannot form due to a drop in pressure leading to a drop in temperature. Any drop in temperature is quickly nullified by contact with hotter air, and in the case of the airplane approaching the speed of sound the higher density and thus high temperature air are extremely close making any drop in temperature due to a drop in pressure impossible.  Furthermore, a pressure drop alone cannot lead to water condensing.

Figure 3. Pressure versus temperature diagram for water: Water in the earth’s atmosphere is surrounded by other gases and is thus of low density, which corresponds to a low effective pressure. Basically, the water molecules are too far apart for liquid water to form easily, a process known as condensation. Typically this water vapor is between 0o C and 100o C and since it is gaseous, situated, in the diagram, below the green line. A drop in pressure causes water to move down toward the horizontal or temperature axis; the water cannot in any way condense and become a liquid.

Thus, the explanation that water condenses due to a drop in pressure is beyond illogical and obviously used by those who do not want people to know the truth about Planet X and what is really going on in the earth’s atmosphere. It is understandable that those who do not have a grounding in physics will simply believe what they have been taught, or heard from someone, who sounded like they knew what they were talking about. However, for those who have a grounding in physics, have thought about the phenomena, and still insist that a drop in pressure causes cloud to form, then they clearly have not learned to think logically or simply have no desire to.

In conclusion, the idea that cloud forms around an airplane as it approaches the speed of sound due to a drop in pressure is impossible and illogical as the cloud does not just form within low pressure regions, a drop in pressure cannot lead to a drop in temperature and a drop in pressure alone cannot lead to water condensing.


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