1817. Planet X and cloud formation through matter creation

In the previous article, I showed that the accepted explanation for the formation of cloud around an airplane approaching the speed of sound, i.e. that it is due to a drop in pressure, is impossible and illogical [Article 1816: Cloud forming due to a drop in pressure: illogical]. Many of the arguments I used there apply to any cloud within the earth’s atmosphere, which forms on the surface of Planet X cores, within the earth’s atmosphere. This cloud usually contains varying amounts of water but is not just made of water as can be seen from snow.  Snow is frozen atmosphere and thus frozen cloud, and when it melts very little liquid water is left indicating that most of the material sublimated directly into gas, and therefore, that most of the material making up the snow was atmospheric gases. This can also be seen by the fact that some snow will turn black when burned. If it was just frozen water, then this would be impossible and I dare anyone to take some ice from the fridge and place a lighter under it to see if it turns black.

Figure 1. Left: The snow on the right turns black because there is a material within that changes its chemical composition when the high heat of the flame is applied to it and thus shows that snow cannot just be frozen water. Right: Not all snow turns black when burned but all snow seems to leave very little water behind when it does thus clearly showing that there is much more than water within snow.

Some people seem to think that it is something coming off the lighter flame that causes materials to turn black. A material like paper or cardboard turns black when burned because the heat from the flame changes the chemical composition of the materials, not because the flame deposits a material on its surface. Water does not turn black when burned, water will put out the flame and there is absolutely no way that a flame can turn an ice cube from the freezer black. So, in order for snow to turn black there has to be a material in it that turns black as a result of the heat and that material cannot be water, it must be another compound that furthermore sublimates into a gas and is thus a natural part of the atmosphere, which shows that cloud is atmosphere.

The amount of water in a cloud will increase with increasing energy and thus frequency of the standing density wave in a region of space, usually within the gravitational connection region between a Planet X core and the earth’s core system.

Figure 2. Cloud forms in the gravitational connection region between a Planet X core and the earth’s core system, the atmosphere would feel increasingly humid, due to increased water creation, in the region, and as energy increases water droplets form, which drop to the surface as rain [Article 1795: Planet X over South Dakota: rain and cloud production].

This means that the frequency of the standing density wave in the atmosphere increases as an increasing frequency is associated to increasing energy and as this frequency increases more water is created within the cloud, which causes the humidity to increase, eventually the droplets of water form and as the energy increases further the droplet get larger. Then if the Planet X core above the surface is in a very low heat energy state, the cloud that forms around it will be in a frozen state and turn into snow. And if the frequency of the density wave in the gravitational connection is very high, frozen droplets of water will form, which is what we call hail [Article 1801: Damaging hailstorm in South Dakota due to Planet X]. Larger objects would tend to produce a larger gravitational field and thus a higher frequency stationary density wave.

In conclusion, cloud forms in the earth’s atmosphere due to matter creation; the amount of water within cloud depends on the energy and thus the frequency of the density wave produced by a Planet X core’s gravitational field. The larger the object, the higher its gravitational field, and thus the higher the frequency and energy associated to the stationary density wave it creates, around itself, and in the gravitational connection region, leading to the formation of larger droplets of water or larger hailstones.


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