1819. Wildfire in Arizona is volcanic in nature and due to Planet X

Figure 1 below shows a report by Strange Sounds on a huge wildfire in Arizona from June 20th 2020, where some 150 000 acres have so far burned. As with all wildfires, they are caused Planet X gravitational connections, which then result in the earth releasing energy in the form of flame injections right from the ground as well as the formation and ejection of cloud as occurs whenever there is a volcanic eruption, so that this is a volcanic effect. And this can be seen from the color of the clouds which in this case are orange but can also result in yellow, red and pink flames, depending on the light energy, which is internal energy within matter being released [Playlist: Planet X effects: wildfires].

Figure 1. Orange flames and clouds in Arizona: Both emerge from the ground in the same way that clouds and magma emerge from the ground in the case of a volcanic eruption.

Clouds associated to burning vegetation are always black or grey, not orange, and the clouds associated to the Arizona fire are actually in different tones with some red clouds seen on the right, which is often the case with wildfires and volcanic eruptions, with even blue and peach clouds sometimes emerging together just as they do from volcanoes.

Figure 2. Pink, peach and blue clouds emerge from the ground, the exact same colored clouds that emerge from volcanoes. The fire also emerges from the ground closer to the camera, it does not spread along the ground or are any flying embers seen to explain the sudden appearance of the fire at a location much closer to the camera (Source: YouTube Video by MessittTwins, 25 Oct 2019) [Article 1319: Cave fire in California: volcanic system forming due to Planet X].

Figure 3. Yellow, orange and pink flames and cloud in the same color as the flames emerge from the ground, in California, during wildfires, on October 11th 2019 [Article 1228: Fires in California: colored magma clouds signal Planet X fiery cataclysm].

Figure 4. Peach and blue clouds hanging over a wildfire, in California, in November of 2019: These clouds are exactly the same as the volcanic clouds that emerge from certain volcanoes, indicating that they are energy released by the same type of cores from rocky material it created. The material is on the surface and the energy and cloud thus emerge right from the ground.

Figure 5. Peach and blue clouds emerging from the mouth of a volcano.

The energy is released in bursts from one location in the case of a volcano, which suggests that there is a large deposit of it a little distance from the surface, a Planet X gravitational connection then gives rise to an eruption. In the case of wildfires, the densest material emerging seems to be hot incandescent liquids, most likely a type of hydrocarbon, which due to the high heat state of the earth core releasing energy, emerge in a very hot state and thus as flames [Article 1818: Planet X gravity: light and heat energy]. However, denser liquids looking more like magma can also emerge from the ground.

Figure 6. Pink magma emerges from the ground and covers tree trunks suggesting that it rose along the trees’ roots.  Pink clouds can be seen surrounding the hot magma, which would have emerged from the ground as well, as a result of a Planet X gravitational connection: i.e. a Planet X core system is in the sky making a gravitational connection with the earth core that thus releases energy by ejecting plasma.

Figure 7. Volcanic eruption at the Popo volcano, Mexico:  Ash (volcanic cloud) rises first, then there is a light explosion, an event that on the Sun would be called a solar flare, next liquid magma erupts out of the mouth of the volcano and on the surface of the Planet X core above the volcano. The eruption ends with a volcanic cloud rising from the volcano and the Planet X core [Article 1250: Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes: due to Planet X gravitational connections].

The difference between volcanic eruptions and wildfires is the huge eruption that takes place in the case of a volcano, suggesting that a much larger earth core is releasing energy from material located some distance from the surface, whereas with the wildfires, the earth cores responsible are, most likely, smaller and the material they created and through which they eject is on the surface of the earth.

In conclusion, a wildfire in Arizona, which has consumed 150 000 acres of land is volcanic in nature and due to the presence of Planet X over the region. The flames and clouds emerge from the ground in a similar way to when a volcanic eruption occurs.


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