1820. Pink planet over the UK: Planet X cover-up

Figure 1 below shows some screenshots from a video of the sky over Birmingham, where a huge pink semi-circle can be seen, which makes it look as if a huge planet is in the sky. However, the secondary pink edge makes this look very much like the pink rainbow that has been seen before, which is the product of holographic projections and is used to hide Planet X cores. That does not mean that a Planet X planet is not in the sky, it most certainly is, because where there are Planet X cores to hide, behind such a screen, there has to be a Planet X planet in the sky.

Figure 1. Pink semicircle surrounded by a concentric pink ring in the sky over Birmingham, UK, in June of 2020 (Source: Video by Birmingham Skies, 17 June 2020, Biblical Signs over Birmingham UK June 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9iALeZR1TY&t=154s) Thank you to Cece for sending me a link to this video.

Figure 2. Pink rainbow with lightning that seems to come from it, a secondary ring can be faintly seen. The inside of the rainbow is filled in with color thus making it opaque and therefore somewhat like what we see in figure 1 above (Source: YouTube Video by Jim Edds, from 26 August 2009, entitled: Rare Rainbow Lightning).

Figure 3. Another pink rainbow with lighting seemingly coming from its opaque inner surface: Since Lightning comes from Planet X cores in the sky, which are used to produce rain, this must be what is behind the pink screen and shows that it is used to hide these objects from view.

Figure 4. A rainbow in the sky:  its semitransparent central region is an immediate giveaway as to it being a holographic projection as no natural rainbow would have it. The rainbow is also clearly not centered on the observer, as the camera is on the left of the rainbow in both shots, showing its boundary, which also shows that it is a projection and thus centered on the projector, and not the observer. The rainbow colors are reversed in the fainter rainbow, which makes it impossible that it is a real rainbow as well [Article 1298: Double rainbow holographic projection].

Although, not pink, the semitransparent central region, and the secondary arc indicates that the same holographic technology produced both the above rainbow and the huge pink semicircular surface in the sky shown in figure 1.

In conclusion, what seemed to be a huge pink planet in the sky over Birmingham, is actually the product of a holographic projection, placed there to hide the Planet X cores and planets that are constantly in earth’s atmosphere.


[1]          Albers, C. (2019). Article 1298: Double rainbow holographic projection

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