1822. India meteorite impact: Planet X cores are colored

In the previous article, I wrote about a meteorite that landed in India and how these objects are Planet X cores that die or stop being able to produce a strong enough gravitational field to be repelled by the earth and thus remain suspended in the earth’s atmosphere. The object that landed in India had sinkholes across its surface, remained hot for at least 3 hours and it also seems to have initially been very blue in color. The sinkholes are due to the energy absorption that the planet it belongs to was subjected to in the past [Article 1821: Meteorite strike in India: Planet X core remains: still hot on impact].

Figure 1. Two images of the meteorite that impacted the ground in India: The object, in both images, has a recess with a rectangular outline and an indentation on the side, which allows them to be identified as the same object. The object is half buried in sand, on the right, suggesting that this image was taken soon after the object impacted the ground and that it was much bluer then than in the left image that must have been taken after it was lifted from the ground.   

The object still looks a little blue, in the right image, but very blue, in the left image, which means that it was initially very blue when it landed and that the color faded over time. The object also remained hot for at least 3 hours after impact. This suggests that the core still had energy when it hit the ground and that the energy it had left decreased after the impact. Cores have two types of energy: light internal energy and heat. The light internal energy is associated with the gravitational field it is able to generate. This core falling to the ground whilst still having some energy suggests that this energy does not have to be completely gone for this to occur, also it suggests that the particular energy that a core is rich in shows on its surface. Cores create matter in different colors such as magma in yellow, orange and pink and the fact that this core was blue in color then suggests that a pink magma creating core would have a pink surface color.

The object’s heat could not have been created by friction in the atmosphere as a gaseous material cannot create enough friction to heat up a solid object as it falls through the atmosphere. If that was possible parachutes would catch fire [Article 779: Meteors are Planet X debris: glow is due to electric current].

Figure 2. Gas molecules collide with the solid surface and bounce off. If the object is moving at high speed there will be more collisions, but they still cannot deform the surface and thus cause heating like two solid surfaces moving past each other, can.

Thus the heat on the object at the time of it landing was a part of its internal energy, which faded at the same time that its light or gravitational energy faded.

Figure 3. Pink magma emerges from the ground and covers tree trunks suggesting that it rose along the trees’ roots.  Pink clouds can be seen surrounding the hot magma, which would have emerged from the ground as well, as a result of a Planet X gravitational connection: i.e. a Planet X core system is in the sky making a gravitational connection with the earth core that thus releases energy by ejecting plasma. The earth core responsible for the release and thus creation of this magma would most likely have a pink surface.

In conclusion, a meteorite that impacted in India and that was initially blue in color, a color which it progressively lost, after the impact, suggests that this color was associated to its gravitational energy and that it still had some remaining energy when it collided with the ground but not enough to continue to be repelled away from the surface of the earth, and shows that cores are colored according to the particular type of gravitational energy they have.


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