1823. Huge Planet X vortex in Nebraska: gravitational connection

Figure 1 below shows a huge cloud vortex in the sky over Nebraska from a MrMBB333 video. The open cylindrical shape of the cloud identifies it as forming along a vortex, which is a gravitational connection between a Planet X core, in the sky, and an earth core, inside the body of the earth. The Planet X core would be above the vortex and be a part of a family of satellite cores, with their central core being positioned above them. In the video lighting can be seen all around the vortex, which would be coming from the other cores. Lightning is electrical or metallic plasma being transferred from the surface of cores and often between different cores, which shows that the Planet X core system is absorbing energy from the earth’s core system, which then leads to increasing electrical potential on their surfaces that then allows matter creation to occur on the surface and along the gravitational connections. This is why the cloud at the bottom of the vortex can be observed to grow.

Figure 1. Screenshot from a MrMBB333 video where a huge cloud vortex can be seen, which would have formed along a Planet X gravitational connection, i.e. a gravitational connection between a Planet X core in the sky and a core belonging to the earth’s core system (Source: Video by MrMBB333, 21 June 2020, "Mothership" makes DRAMATIC entrance into Nebraska sky! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA15t6spKRQ)

Figure 2. Tornado cloud vortex: these are also gravitational connections but the smaller diameter suggests that they are made by smaller cores. The fast spin suggests a very strong connection.

Figure 3. Left: Illustration of the gravitational connection, which forms in the case of a tornado, cloud forms along the inner ring (beije), which is cylindrical with an empty space in the middle, and an outer ring (brown) within which matter is pulled upwards from the surface of the earth. These are thus a form of gravitational interference resulting in different rings where the direction of gravity is in opposite directions, downwards in the inner ring and upwards in the outer. The gravity in the outer ring is so strongly different from what it normally is on the surface of the earth that it can be termed a gravitational anomaly region. Right: A bus lifts off the ground, on one side, and rolls over, during a recent severe cyclone in India, indicating that it was inside a gravitational anomaly region [Playlist: Planet X effects: tornadoes].

In the case of much larger vortices as the one seen above, the same regions would also be present within the atmosphere but not be as strong, so that material does not get lifted off the surface of the earth, in the outer ring region, and the spin is much slower. However, it should be able to generate some rotation of the surrounding air thus leading to the generation of wind.

Figure 4. The cloud vortex at 0:11 and 0:22 into the video: the amount of cloud can be clearly seen to be increasing at the bottom of the cloud vortex. The gravitational vortex would extend all the way to the ground but cloud formation does not always extend as far.

Cloud forms as a result of the presence of a stationary density (sound) wave within the earth’s atmosphere as indicated by cloud forming around aircraft approaching the speed of sound [Playlist: Creation of matter through sound]. Thus, the vortex is a stationary density (sound) wave in the form of concentric cylinders, which leads to cloud forming along the inner cylinder.

Figure 5. Cloud forms around an aircraft approaching the speed of sound due to the sound waves, which are the same as stationary density waves generated by a gravitational field. The sound waves are generated by its engines and by these becoming stationary with respect to it, due to the speed of the aircraft allowing these to keep up with it. This also causes the sound waves to be sharply compressed in the direction of flight, and reaching an extremely high frequency and thus energy, leading to matter creation at the location [Playlist: Creation of matter through sound].

In conclusion, a huge cloud vortex in Nebraska is the result of a Planet X core, a member of a Planet X planet’s core system, being inside the earth’s atmosphere, and the Planet X core forming a gravitational connection with the earth’s core system.


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