1824. Fires in the Amazon are due to Planet

Figure 1 below shows a screenshot from a Euronews report about the fires taking place in the Amazon that are leading to its deforestation and explaining that it is all due to human encroachment, i.e. due to the clearing of land for the planting of crops, where the land is burned. However, this would not lead to the huge areas burning that are now known to burn all at the same time, and the clearing of land has been happening for at many years without it leading to the same degree of devastation that is now being seen, which suggests that this is a lie to cover up what is really going on. And indeed examination of the smoke associated with the fire shows that it is volcanic cloud associated to the emergence of flames from the ground, in response to Planet X cores being in the sky that connect gravitationally to earth cores that then eject magma or liquid flames and volcanic cloud, right from the surface of the ground, thus leading to wildfires. This is the exact same thing that has happened in the case of a recent fire in Arizona [Article 1819: Wildfire in Arizona is volcanic in nature and due to Planet X].

Figure 1. The different tones of peach in the clouds emanating from the region on fire clearly indicate that this fire is volcanic in nature and cannot in any way be due to human beings setting vegetation on fire to clear land for planting crops.

Figure 2. Left: Peach volcanic cloud emerging from the ground in the case of fires in California in 2019 which are also volcanic. Right: Volcanic cloud emerging from a volcano: in peach and pink tones.

Figure 3. Pink, peach and blue clouds emerge from the ground, the exact same colored clouds that emerge from volcanoes. The fire also emerges from the ground closer to the camera, it does not spread along the ground or are any flying embers seen to explain the sudden appearance of the fire at a location much closer to the camera (Source: YouTube Video by MessittTwins, 25 Oct 2019) [Playlist: Planet X effects: wildfires].

In conclusion, the public is being lied to about the real cause of the fires in the Amazon. These fires are volcanic in nature and Planet X is being used to produce them.


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