1825. Fires in Arizona are volcanic: confirmation

Figure 1 below shows some photographs sent to me by Yeshurun from June 6th 2020 of the cloud which was coming from the top of the mountain in Arizona on account of the fire that was taking place there, who also thought it strange that the worst of the fire should be coming from the top of the mountain where there is very little vegetation to burn, thus suggesting that it was a volcanic fire. This then agreed with my assessment that the fires taking place there as well, as in many regions around the world, are volcanic in nature and due to flames and volcanic cloud emerging directly from the ground [Article 1819: Wildfire in Arizona is volcanic in nature and due to Planet X].

Figure 1. Photograph of Arizona fire from June 6th 2020 sent in by Yeshuran. The fire seems to be on top of the mountain or on the rocky outcrops where there is very little vegetation to burn. This is because burning vegetation is not the source of the fire; the flames emerge from the ground due to Planet X gravitational connections.

This is what Yeshuran had to say about the fire:

I completely agree with your assessment of the Arizona fires. I am traveling in Tucson/Phoenix area and was observing the fire. I first thought why there would be such a large fire when there is only sparse small bushes on top of the mountain. There seemed to be a larger concentration of smoke coming from the center of the mountain in Tucson. Then I noticed I could not smell the smoke. Later, my throat and sinuses were very dry and irritated. Here are a few pictures of the fire in Tucson, AZ

She did not smell smoke and was surprised. This was because the cloud was not smoke resulting from burning vegetation. It was volcanic cloud and it must have contained volcanic ash, small newly created rock particles, which is why her sinuses became dry and irritated.

Figure 2. A column of cloud rises from the top of the mountain as if rising from a volcano. It is also possible to discern that there is very little vegetation on the mountain.

The mountains on the earth seem to be made of Planet X surface pieces, which have been deposited on the surface of the earth, the often vertical sides of exposed bedrock being confirmation that these are surfaces of planets that underwent extensive energy absorption, which then led to the part of the bedrock vanishing as when sinkholes form [Playlist: Planet X surface pieces all over the earth and Playlist: Planet X effects: sinkholes].

The flames and volcanic cloud would actually have to emerge from planetary surface or planetary body material that was created by the earth’s core system, so that the cloud would have to come through the piece of Planet X surface sitting on top of the earth’s surface. Planet X surface pieces seem to contain many caverns and the cloud and flames would have to rise along these to the outside. But the volcanic cloud being over this region suggests that the flames are emerging from the earth’s surface below the Planet X surface piece making up the mountain at this location.

Figure 3.  The terrain in Iceland: flat surface surrounded by mountains made of exposed bedrock thus indicating that they are Planet X surface pieces. The flat terrain appears to be original earth’s surface and suggests that the earth was originally very flat before the flood, which was when the Planet X surface pieces starting being deposited on the surface of the earth [Article 1582: Planet X surface pieces in Iceland: a mess].

Figure 4. Iceland cliffs: only energy absorption leading to bedrock vanishing could give rise to a thin vertical wall of exposed bedrock. No natural erosion process over millions of years as claimed by geology textbooks could possibly accomplish such a thing.

In conclusion, a cloud associated with fires in Arizona during June of 2020 was observed emerging from the top of a mountain where there was also very little vegetation to burn, thus confirming that the fire was volcanic in nature. The cloud, in addition, seemed to contain volcanic ash.


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