1826. Global device array to produce daylight on Earth: alien technology

As I have shown in previous articles, the Sun seems to have stopped emitting light by 2001, and the earth now has a whole array of sun simulation devices that have replaced the real sun in its skies [Playlist: The Sun has gone dark and simulation devices]. In addition, daylight is actually produced by the earth’s core system with the lower atmosphere being illuminated due to energy flowing from the earth’s core system through it. This could be discerned from several occurrences where the sky became or remained dark when it should have been daylight. In one of those occurrences, which was registered by several cameras in Switzerland, the night time sky remained frozen until just before 10:10 am, with the star constellations, in the sky freezing, in their middle of the night positions.

Figure 1. Screenshots from a television news report in Argentina on August 12th 2011, where the sky went completely dark in the middle of the day: An extremely large region went completely dark as we can see just a little greyish light close to the horizon, in the distance, on the right. The greyish light is the amount of light that the earth was emitting at the edge of the dark region and clearly shows that daylight comes from the surface not from above, i.e. not from outside of the earth’s atmosphere [Article 1272:  The earth is going dark].

The fact that energy that produces daylight comes from inside the earth and is due to energy flowing through the earth’s atmosphere could be seen in the case of a meteor streaking across the skies in April of 2019, which was seen over New York.

Figure 2. A triangle of blue light with its base at the surface of the earth forms under the meteor indicating that energy is flowing toward the meteor from the earth’s surface, which causes the atmosphere to light up and turn blue [Article 779: Meteors are Planet X debris: glow is due to electric current or Playlist: Planet X effects: meteorites and meteors].

Figure 3. Photographs from a web camera in Montreux, Switzerland, from 14 January 2018, at 10:00 and 8:20 am, brightened. The stars and a shooting star remain frozen in their middle of the night positions even though it is supposed to be daylight. The extra stars, in the right image, clearly shows that the 2 photographs are different, and had to thus be taken at the given times. This shows that the sun is not emitting light and the stars are the result of holographic projections.

The extra stars seen in the 8:20 image suggests that real stars can still be seen and that there was no Planet X planet in position at the time. This led me to suggest that Planet X is actually what is used to produce daylight by drawing energy from the earth’s core system. However, this can only be partially correct because in order for daylight to be correctly simulated it, the brightness has to vary gradually throughout the day, thus requiring that the object used to draw the correct varying amount of energy move at the earth’s rotational speed, with respect to the surface of the earth, whereas the Planet X planets can sometimes be over a particular region of the earth for many days.

Figure 4. Red skies during fires in Australia, in January of 2020: these fires like those in California and now in Arizona are due to Planet X gravitational connections, which requires that the same Planet X system remain over the region for as long as the fires rage and thus for at least many hours during a day but often for many days at a time. This means that the Planet X planet being used to produce these fires is rotating with the earth, i.e. not moving with respect to the earth’s surface at the earth’s rotational speed as would be required for the production of daylight.

This means that it is not the Planet X planets that are drawing energy from the earth’s core system to produce daylight. Furthermore, the precise variation necessary suggests that an artificial control system is used to control the amount of energy being drawn from the earth’s core system, which may use Planet X satellite cores but that would be stationary with respect to the surface of the earth and form some type of grid pattern over the whole planet. The devices would have to be below the altitude of Planet X central cores and cloaked in some way, so that they cannot be observed from the surface except perhaps for those that are being used as Sun simulators, as it is likely that the devices are designed to perform more than one function. 

Figure 5. Pink light source in the sky and closer to the plane than the horizon clearly indicates that this is a sun simulator but the diffuse quality of it also suggests that it is a plasma core (cores which operate in the atmosphere of a planet and emit light). The plasma cores seem to be attracted to precise locations in the earth’s atmosphere by devices for that purpose, which seem to also be energy accumulators, i.e. they absorb energy from the earth’s core system, through the earth’s atmosphere, which is precisely what is necessary to create daylight in the atmosphere.

Figure 6. Three peach colored light sources and one blue lens flare indicate that these are 3 Planet X cores that have gathered around a Sun simulator. The top light source seems to have a tail (Source: YouTube Video by MrMBB333, 15 December 2019, "Dual Sun" Phenomena) [Article 1364: Planet X cores congregated around a Sun simulator in the sky]. The lens flare seems to be associated to the energy accumulation device which can also create an artificial light source in the sky.

Figure 7. Two white light sources in the sky over Canada, which start out as one.  The small red light is usually called a lens flare, it seems to be a real image produced by the energy accumulation device and is always aligned with it. (Source: Video by Universal News Media from January 25th 2018 entitled ‘Two Suns rising in Canada! No mention in the news’).

Figure 8. The two sources separate and the very destinct lens flare remains aligned with one of them. It  looks somewhat like a concave mirror with a light at its focal point and is thus most likely what the actual device looks like, it is a real image of the device producing the bright white light. The light source seems to be a Planet X plasma core in the earth’s skies.

Figure 9. Left: illustration of a sun simulator and daylight producing array in the sky: All simulators are also energy accumulators and have the capability to beam accumulated energy to the simulator chosen to simulate the Sun, or attract Planet X. The Planet X plasma cores that they attract seem to also be used to actually simulate the Sun at times Right: Possible design on the Sun simulator/energy accumulators which would be capable of simulating daylight by drawing different amounts of energy through the course of a day and also simulate the Sun in the sky.

The devices used clearly use advanced technology far superior to anything that mankind has produced so far, so it is alien technology, it is used by the aliens (the Satan AI entity and his angels) to produce daylight in the earth’s atmosphere [Article 1563: Planet X brought into Solar System by aliens: the planetary farmers].

In conclusion, daylight in the earth’s atmosphere seems to be produced by an artificial array of cloaked devices, which double up as both energy accumulators and sun simulators. In energy accumulation mode, the devices draw a controlled amount of energy from the earth’s core system through the earth’s atmosphere, which causes the earth’s atmosphere to emit the correct amount of light for the time of day.


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