1827. Aliens used Planet X to form oceans on the earth

As I have detailed in previous articles, aliens (the Satan AI entity and his angels) are using the Planet X planets to control the earth environment [Article 1563: Planet X brought into Solar System by aliens: the planetary farmers]. These aliens also used Planet X to cause the flood and to create earth’s oceans at the time of the flood. In addition, they continue to deepen the oceans and to continuously bring in Planet X frozen ocean, in the form of blocks of ice, to add increasing amounts of water to earth’s oceans at the same time that the oceans are deepened through the process of sinkhole formation, where the rocky body of the planet is absorbed as pure energy [Playlist: Planet X ice and water].

Figure 1. Feature on the surface of the earth called Dhala crater, in India, but this is no impact crater, the flat bottom and uniform slope and depth of its sides indicate that it was formed through purposeful absorption of the rocky surface of the earth that once filled the crater. This created a basin, which, in this case, is not filled with water but is the exact same thing as earth’s ocean basins.

Figure 2. It has been proposed that either the earth’s continents separated from one single landmass or that the earth expanded causing the landmasses to break up and move away from each other with new spaces appearing inbetween which turned into oceans. But neither of these scenarios is correct. The idea of huge landmassses floating away from each other is as illogical as thinking that a solid lead sphere will float in water. The earth is the same size it was at the time of the flood but its rocky surface has been absorbed to form ocean basins.

Figure 3. National Geographic map of the Arctic Ocean showing the Arctic Ocean basin, which formed after the Flood due to sinkhole formation: The ground inside the basin vanished due to having become energy depleted, in the process known as sinkhole formation. The ridges seem to be intrusions of another layer of matter, from deeper within the body of the earth that did not experience the same degree of energy depletion, and thus did not vanish, whilst matter in between the ridges did.

Figure 4. Black blocks of ice that have started turning white are seen here suspended in the earth’s atmosphere. They are being transported to the surface of the earth and will most likely become icebergs in the ocean, water to fill lakes, rivers or to cover mountain tops. The clouds surrounding the ice are clearly artificial and meant to cover up what is in the sky.

Figure 5. Vast region of ocean separated into two different colored parts. The ocean water on the left comes from Planet X ice, which is less energy depleted in green, than in the other basic colors of light (red and blue) and the ocean water on the right is comes from Planet X ice which is less energy depleted in blue than in the other basic colors.

The blue ice would come from a Planet X planet where its oceans that would have formed through the same process as earth’s oceans have formed, i.e. by the same aliens, where that ocean turned darker and darker blue before finally becoming black and freezing. The green ice would have come from a planet where its oceans turned green before turning black and freezing solid.

Figure 6. Icebergs in Iceland: fast melting Planet X ice: some pieces turn directly from black to white whilst others turn blue before turning white. Ice emits light due to being energy depleted and thus absorbing internal energy in the form of light, from the earth environment. Ice that turns blue becomes color unbalanced, it gains more blue than red or green and thus starts to emit the excess light.

Figure 7. Ice inside a glacier, in Iceland: some of the ice in the hole has turned dark brown. This can be clearly seen to be the color of the actual ice, just like some of it is still black and some blue. The dark brown color explains the color seen in moraine around the world, which is supposed to be dirt pushed by glaciers, in front of them, for millions of years.

The truth is that ice is added to these glaciers all the time, and the darkest brown would actually be the most recently added ice. The ice seems to melt extremely quickly once it arrives on the earth’s surface and most likely often melts within a few hours to a few days.

Figure 8. Glacier in Peru: the dark part is usually called moraine and is supposed to be dirt dragged by the glacier in front of it, but since ice is black when it first arrives inside the earth’s atmosphere, it is simply newly arrived ice and shows where they are depositing most of the new ice: at the front of the glaciers and on one of the sides on top of older ice: the ice at the top of the mountain is whiter and thus older [Article 1584: Glacier ice slide: the aliens did it].

Figure 9. Mountain peaks in Peru: these seem to be made of deeply scarred bedrock that would have undergone extreme sinkhole formation, where all the top layers were removed, something which is usually done to the surface of the planet under the oceans, by the farmers. We are thus looking at what the bottom of earth’s oceans look like.

In conclusion, earth’s oceans were first formed on earth at the time of the flood by aliens who continue to deepen it through absorbing more of the planet’s rocky body, at the bottom of the oceans, whilst bringing in increasing amounts of Planet X frozen ocean in order to add more water to the oceans, which will absorb increasing amounts of energy from the earth and thus destroy it.


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